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Your online advertising strategy on Google created for free and fully optimized? It is possible with our Wix Google tool!

Get Wix Google Ads optimization for your ecommerce

 Improve your traffic, get your ecommerce to get higher quality visits quickly and easily. You will only have to follow a short 5-step process. In a few minutes your products will be advertised on Google respecting their policies and attracting new potential customers.


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Get the best Wix Google integration for your business marketing and advertising strategies.

The best Google Ads & Shopping Ads for Wix.

You won’t have to worry about anything, we will do all the hard work and take care of attracting users to your website and products.

With our help, you will save time and money and you will be able to focus on what is really important… Your business!

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Your Google Ads fully automated

Intelligence technology and Machine Learning algorithms. You will get the best keywords and the most visual banners in the blink of an eye. Your Google ads will be up and running… In just 4 days!

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Tight budget: don't overspend

People at the right time. With our help, your ads will appear just when users are searching for your products. You won’t spend part of your budget on attracting low quality traffic, all the users that reach your website will be of high value.

Boost traffic

Google ads campaigns: control your ads

Your Google ads will be created and optimized in days, but don’t worry, they will be totally under your control. You will have access to a personalized control panel of your Google Ads campaigns, and you will always choose the actions, you and only you will control your online advertising strategy.

Your campaigns on Google... Totally free!

Our Wix Google integration is free, and with it you will get not only the creation of Google ads, but also get a study of keywords and the best banners… And much more! What are you waiting for to try? Wix Google integration at zero cost.

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Google Adwords network

Text Ads & Google Search

The first thing is to do a good keyword research for your Google Ads campaigns, we will generate them for you! This way, you will catch the attention of users on Google.

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Customized Banners

Your product collections deserve the best and most original Google Ads banners. Let us make them, we promise they will be shown to people who are interested in your products.

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing

Do you know how to use Remarketing campaigns? We do! With them, former visitors to your website will get reminders of the products they previously visited in your store. We won’t miss any of them!

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Wix Google Shopping Ads

Appearing in the Google Shopping feed with image and price of your products is, nowadays, essential. With these campaigns you will get very good quality leads for your online store.

Google Ads & Shopping for Wix

Don’t hesitate and try our Wix Google integration. More than 140,000 ecommerce businesses have already trusted us and made the most of their advertising strategy. Do you want to miss out?

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