How much should I spend on Google Ads



Figuring out your Google Ads budget

It is important to set a budget ample enough to gather data. Be wary of “limited by budget” alerts as this means your ads have limited exposure. The data you collect is important to ensure that your advertising efforts are bringing value to your store.

Google Ads budget recommendation

Google recommends a budget that suits your store’s needs except for the cases wherein: – You don’t reach your daily budget spend – You campaigns have limited data This amount is estimated in order for your ads to appear more often according to your current set of keywords.

Recommended budgets are based on:

– Recent campaign performance – Current campaign budget – Current set of keywords – Campaign targeting settings

Why might costs exceed your average daily budget?

Google can spend more on days with higher search traffic in order to improve performance and increase ROI. This optimization allocates your budget in a way that your total amount spent won’t exceed the overall average of your daily budget at the end of your campaign.

What is a shared budget?

– A way to save time from individual budget management – Choose an amount to be spent across multiple campaigns – Google will adjust and distribute your budget across campaigns to maximize ROI


When setting up a budget, you are making an investment. Optimization helps you spend less and having a good quality score can lower your costs. With a good plan, measurement and optimization, you will eventually see what strategy can benefit your store the most.

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