Father's Day 2021 Info & Data

The pandemic has not disappeared, but consumers are still ready to show Dad love this Father’s Day.

75% of consumers plan to celebrate Father’s Day 58% of people say they are likely to celebrate Father’s Day virtually this year Top gift categories are personal care, home and garden tools, and appliances.

A few general points

If you have a business, make the most of this key date with seasonal campaigns, promotions, and everything else you can think of. Now is the time!

If we focus on historical spending, we see, in the 2020 overview, that on Father's Day last year, 75% of people celebrated compared to 25% that did not. The average expected spending was $148.58 and the total expected spending was over $15 billion.

How do Americans celebrate Father's Day?

This year, similar participation of 75-76% is expected in the U.S. population, but with an even higher total expected to spend, reaching $17 trillion. Don't waste this opportunity and start your Father's Day seasonal campaigns NOW... Take advantage of this golden opportunity!

As for the type of gift most selected on these dates, we could establish the following ranking, corresponding to the most selected gifts of 2020. Pay attention, because if your online store offers any of these products, it is time to boost them with special seasonal marketing actions!

Father’s Day 2021 Demographics: Purchasing Plans

1. Greeting Cards - 54-60% 2. Clothing - 45-48% 3. Special Outing - 43-39% 4. Gift Cards - 41% 5. Books or CD’s - 31-17% 6. Electronics - 30-15% 7. Home improvement, sporting goods, tools or appliances, and personal care products - 29-13%

So, this gives you hints on how to leverage the different categories of your products!

In a small final survey on what the public wants to look for in the coming year, the NRF (National Retail Federation) reports some very interesting conclusions…

Find Some Inspiration Depending on your Target Demographics

26% of consumers say that they will find a gift that’s convenient for them. 41% of respondents think they will look for a gift that is unique, original, or different. However, 18% believe that in 2021 they will look for something inexpensive or most cost-effective as a gift. Thirty-six percent say they will look for a gift that evokes and creates a special memory in their father's mind. And finally, 11% are not sure what they will give this year.

What about other gifts such as experiences or subscription boxes? These types of gifts are increasingly selected by consumers because of their versatility and the choice they give "the gift giver". On Father's Day, 22% of consumers plan to give their father an experience as a gift (28% men and 18% women) while 36% are interested in giving a subscription box.

Experiences and other gifts

If you want to learn more about this...