Back to School Sales

Boost your  seasonal marketing for back to school campaigns!

After summer vacation, customers turn to promotional campaigns to find products for the  school year and are likely to spend impulsively.


– Take advantage of user-generated content to increase engagement – Tap into collaborative content with online communities

Social Media

– Use twitter for contests with potentially higher participation rates – Boost Instagram with back-to-school creative sweepstakes

Get creative!

Discover customer’s tastes through online polls, surveys and engaging contests where your brand can benefit from gathering data.

Boost sales with promotions

– Create promotions that can impact sales and allow you to convert followers into customers – Promotions make it easier to raise awareness about a brand or product

Google Ads

– Invest in Google Ads campaigns – Tailor your keywords to the season and relevant, big-volume searches – Add a promotion extension to reduce the gap between search and conversion

Avoid these mistakes

– Forgetting to plan your strategy or plan too late – Ignoring the link between online and offline customer interactions – Limiting your audience solely to students (Don’t forget parents and teachers.)

Keep in mind

Back to school is a season of firsts. These types of searches increase in August and September. New school supplies and gear are among the most relevant searches on Google around this time of year, so campaigns must be at their peak and top performing!

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