Best Free  Adwords Tool Kit for Google Advertising Success

Launch and boost your Google Ads strategy for free, while saving time and money in the process with Clever Ads Adwords Tool Kit.

Google Ads Creator

Go through a 5-step process providing information about your business and your Google advertising strategy and your campaigns will be automatically generated within 24h.

Keyword Planner

Get found by the right people, who are really searching for what you offer, by bidding for the right keywords. Discover the best keywords for your business for free.

Banner Creator

Create or generate banner ads for your Google Ads campaigns from any device, and upload them to your Google Display campaigns.  It’ll take seconds!

Google Ads Audit

Advertising optimization is a never-ending process. Once created, you can have your Google Ads optimized by applying the free ready-to-use tips personalized for your campaigns.

Clever Ads Manager Mobile App

Always be in control of your strategy, wherever you are and whenever you want. Manage your global advertising strategy with just one finger.

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