Back to School Marketing Ideas

1. Who are your customers?

A lot of parents have had to stay home with their kids and become teachers in the process of distance learning implementation. Focus on parents’ needs as they will be the ones spending money on additional school supplies.

2. Would your products make distance learning easier?

If your answer is yes, why? The consumer should know why your product may make life a bit more hassle-free. Is it a backpack that can be used as a school bag? Or a collapsible art easel that can be easily taken to school and brought back home if I have to social distance?

3. Make it a thing

Get kids to read or write by offering a free pencil case or coloring book depending on the grade level. Maybe if they read a book or solve a few math problems, you can reward them while benefiting your back to school marketing strategy.

4. Online store updates

If you are already selling supplies online, try to mimic the look of a virtual classroom so students can browse through your product catalog as if they were at school.  Make it fun and give parents and teachers the "wow factor" needed! That’s what matters. 

5. Keeping academia fun

You can attract customers’ attention through specific deals or discounts on different days of the week.  Or perhaps, display students’ creative work on social media as an online gallery. Have users post pictures and videos on your social media profiles for more content showcasing your products.

6. Keep in mind

School supplies aren’t just needed during the first few weeks of school; they're needed throughout the whole year. Keep customers coming back to your store by offering a coupon or discount that they can enjoy throughout the year.

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