7 ecommerce strategy techniques

How can you start to bring traffic to your website? EASY!

First of all, you have to focus on defining the core goals of your eCommerce strategy:

– Create awareness – Drive consideration – Decision making

So, it’s time to learn the 7 techniques to reach each of the business goals you are committed to achieving.

Trends to Create Brand Awareness

1. Live Streaming: eCommerce digital marketing trend

In 2019, Live streaming shopping generated $60 billion in global sales. While only $1 billion of that came from the United States, in 2021 the US is expected to reach $11 billion.

2. Benchmark SEO Content

Be aware of your competitors keywords and prepare your content to be aligned with SEO. This way you’ll gain engagement. Don’t forget to track the metrics of your high-performing content so that you can recreate the successful content your audience is looking for.

Trends to Drive Consideration

3. User-friendly eCommerce website design

How to get people to spend more time on your online store? Take a look at our checklist to optimize your eCommerce website design and navigation.

-Keep website pages intuitive  and scannable. -Design the best landing pages and add a call to action  in each one. -Check speed time and make your website faster.

4. Advertising on Google Shopping

Add your Local inventory to Google Merchant and promote your products with high quality images and descriptions in Google Shopping.

What are the benefits?

Advertising on Google Shopping allows you to boost your traffic, not only to your eCommerce website but also, traffic to your physical.

Trends to Decision Making and After Sales

5. Promo code

Developing a successful promotional strategy is key to increasing sales. For example, offering discounts around the holidays are a great option.  Here are some ideas to develop your strategy and capture new customers:

-Take advantage of special dates to offer some good discounts. -Create a specific landing page for your seasonal sales and apply a Google Ads promotion extension to your advertising campaign. -Adapt your eCommerce website design to include your product discount banners on the home page and boost conversions.

6. Easy and fast checkout process

Make a simple and intuitive checkout process to boost your sales and decrease your customers’ time to buy.  We suggest two tricks to simplify the payment process and increase conversions:

-One tap payment. You can use Google Play for tap-to-pay. This method will improve the checkout experience and avoid visitors abandoning your page without completing the desired action. -Make sure you send a confirmation email with the order details. It provides customer trust and confidence.

7. Evangelism Marketing

Evangelism marketing is basically word of mouth marketing or, in other words, creating fans around your products or services. You should care about developing a community of people who believe in your brand and try to convince others to shop in your online store. In the digital age, social media will contribute to spreading brand awareness.

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