Valentines marketing ideas

The Best Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for your Ecommerce

Valentine’s day is coming… Do you already have your Valentine’s marketing campaigns?


Seasonal campaigns are essential for a business, especially if it’s online. This is because seasonal campaigns show great potential for bringing in customers, but are ephemeral. The Internet offers us many options for seasonal campaigns, most of them simple and cheap to make, which can bring us a great benefit to customers, sales revenue, and your store’s brand awareness.

Valentine’s day is a special date that comes from a Christian holiday. Maybe to make a successful promotion you want to know more about its history?

Today we want to show you several simple ideas/techniques for valentines marketing campaigns.

Pay attention!


Make it simple

Change your profile and cover images on Social Media. How? It is quite simple, just add a romantic flare to them!


Give your users a special gift

Maybe a Valentine’s gift guide? A brief PDF document with homemade ideas to surprise their significant other when they buy your product will do the trick! Let the customer know they will get the gift guide for free upon purchasing your product. Then they will get tips on how to use your product to make the day even more special.


Email marketing

Change it up! How? Valentine’s Day is a special (and charming) date, you only have to do a few things. You can: add an irresistible subject, use emojis, attach a cute picture, or seduce them with amazing ideas, products, and deals they can’t say no to!


Run a poll

These are always fun! Don’t forget to make it love themed! Be sure to include some of your products in the polls. For example, if you are a retail ecommerce ask the customer their perfect Valentine’s outfit and include pictures of your clothes in the possible answers!


Engage your audience with a contest

People love to tell their love stories, so take the opportunity! Ask them to share how they met their love, and give one of your products as a prize to the participant that has the best story.


Don’t forget the single ones!

If the contest works with love stories, you can also ask to hear about terrible date stories, and offer a prize to the best one! This way all of your customers are included whether they are single or taken this Valentine’s Day. It won’t be romantic, but it will be hilarious!


2 for 1

These kinds of promos always work… And Valentine’s day is perfect for them! Promote a buy one, get one for your “soulmate deal.”


Make it simple: step 2

Are you using appropriate hashtags in your Social Media posts for the holiday? Keep these in mind! Hashtag campaigns work really well to drive engagement and brand awareness. Use different tools or investigate the trending topics on Twitter and use them for your own benefit!


Mobile web: push Valentine´s notifications

If you have an app for your ecommerce, you should take push notifications into account! Send them between 1st and 14th of february, but don’t forget do it with a good strategy, as push notifications can sometimes be annoying. Don’t send more than you usually do but change the wording and the images for this charming day.


Make product packs

This day is about two: two people, two wine glasses, two gifts… Why not two products? For sure you have products that showcase well together… So put them together in packs to sell on this special day.


Terrible gifts are always funny

Launch another contest, this time, asking people about the worst love gifts that they’ve ever received: plastic flowers, ugly teddy bears… these kinds of things. Invite your users to tell their stories. You can also make a list of bad gifts yourself and ask your customers to vote for the worst!


Celebrate self-love

Another one for the singles. Maybe your business isn’t adapted for couples, or maybe you don’t like Valentine’s day. Don’t worry, You always can resort to the “self-love trick”. Ask your single users to post a selfie of themselves on this “couple-day”, and, in return, offer them a flash promo at your store.


Homemade? Yes, but as an extra gift!

Offer downloadable love resources with your products. For example, different cards that your customer can made at home, confetti templates, instructions to make a love wreath at home… The possibilities are endless!


Key Valentine´s products

If your ecommerce offers flowers, jewelry, clothing, dining services, traveling services, hotel rooms, event services or products, candies, or greeting cards… Congratulations! These are key product categories for this holiday, and you probably don’t have to do anything to increase your sales for Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s promotions

Of course, you can’t forget the usual promos for special dates like this. Holiday promotions work. You only have to do a small percentage discount or offer special Valentine’s Day free shipping.


Free gift wrapping

Something as simple as wrapping your products in paper hearts will give a unique (and romantic) touch to your sales. It can be this tiny detail that makes a user decide on your store instead of your competitor´s.


Use specific landing pages

“Gifts for her”, “Gifts for him”, “25 years of love”… categorize your products with a good hook to direct your customers to a beautiful, charming landing page. This will make it easier for customers to shop based on what is special to them this Valentines. These landing pages will also provide them with the “ideal collection” for what they are looking for on this special day.


Now that you have many ideas for this day of love … do not miss these other 5 seasonal campaigns for ecommerce marketing!


Valentines marketing ideas

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