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The Only Retail Calendar You Need for 2019

Retail Calendar, a useful tool to run fun promotions & to connect with your audience


Not only does an ecommerce calendar help keep track of seasonal holidays, special occasions, and major events, but it also can be a useful tool to run fun promotions and provide a great opportunity to connect with your audience.

Grab the opportunity to engage with your audience on social media, promote your brand, and enrich your newsletter!

To help you nail your seasonal marketing in 2019, we’ve identified five creative campaigns to do yourself.

The marketing calendar we have created for you covers all the key dates, special occasions, and holidays that you need to know in order to plan your marketing activities and promotions ahead for 2019.

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Things to keep in mind when using our marketing calendar template


Plan Ahead


Planning your marketing calendar ahead of time based on major dates will also help your business stay on track with its promotional campaigns, sales, seasonal products, and special offers during the most effective times.

If you have a product that might be especially relevant to a certain time or event, start your promotions in advance. Use our retail calendar to create a marketing schedule. It is important that you start advertising and ramping up your marketing campaigns for the products you think consumers might be interested in well before the time or event they may want it for. If you start promoting your products too late, consumers won’t know about them until it’s too late! Put your products or services on consumers’ radars so they are aware of them in time. Remember, consumers also like to plan ahead!

Keep Up!


It is important for your business to be up to date on the latest things going on in the world in order to stay relevant with your customers, that is why a retail calendar is important to use.

For example, on Super Bowl Sunday, consumers may be looking to host parties with their favorite football snacks. So, if you are a grocery store, you may want to tailor your advertisements and discounts to food typical for football-viewing parties (wings, beer, dips, chips, etc.). Making it known to consumers that they can trust your company to provide the products they want is important when it comes to making consumers choose your store!

The days we have mapped out for you on our retail calendar are times consumers usually look for a specific product or service. It is essential to make sure consumers know your business can provide the specific things they are looking for in order to increase traffic to your store and increase the potential for sales.

Now that you are a retail calendar expert, take a look at the one we have made for you to leverage your marketing strategies!


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