Retail Calendar 2020

Don’t lose sight of key dates for your marketing campaigns such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. Also stay in the loop with everything you need to know to boost your sales in 2020

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What will you find in this Retail Calendar?

Clever Retail Calendar February


This Retail Calendar features the month of lovers! Are you aware of the other key dates in February besides Valentine’s Day?

Clever Retail Calendar April


Easter is right around the corner. Spring changes people’s moods and brings changes in shopping style! Check the Retail Calendar for important April dates!

Clever Retail Calendar July


Summer offers no break! In July, some special dates such as Independence day or Amazon’s Prime Day show great importance.

Clever Retail Calendar October


This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Do you remember the song? Prepare your business for this month’s key dates!

Clever Retail Calendar November


Arguably the most important month, November offers Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These two essential dates for seasonal marketing should be at the top of your priority!

Clever Retail Calendar Much More

And much more!

Green Monday, National Free Shipping Day, Singles’ Day… the year is plentiful with opportunities to boost your sales and drive more revenue!

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