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Are you thinking about creating a Prestashop ecommerce? Do you already have an online store on this ecommerce platform? Or maybe you just want to know what Prestashop is. In any case, you’ve come to the right place! Prestashop tips, Prestashop features… Everything you need to know about one of the best known

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Best Free Prestashop Themes – Redesign your Store!

Discover the Main Free Prestashop Themes for your Online Store Choosing the best theme sometimes can be difficult because it is the face of your store and it can affect conversions, bounce rate and session duration both positively and negatively. And, besides, you have an idea of how you want it to be, right? Your […]

The Best PrestaShop Templates

PrestaShop Templates – The Best for your Business! The backbone of your ecommerce store is the right Prestashop Template for your brand. Choosing the best template is like writing a cover letter, but in this case, introducing your website and your products to catch the eye of your potential customers.  What brand image would you […]

Google Ads Prestashop – a Great Mix!

Google Ads Prestashop – How to succeed with your campaigns So you’ve finally gotten your PrestaShop store all the set up the way you want it – kudos to you! Are you experiencing a hard time when it comes to generating traffic? We’ve got you covered! Google Ads are everywhere from a quick search to […]

Best Prestashop Themes for New Year!

Best Prestashop Themes for 2021 The year 2020 could be defined as a slightly different year for everyone, and with the pandemic still looming, many of the changes we experienced will continue into 2021. The beginning of this new year can be a great opportunity to give a boost to your ecommerce, and what better […]

PrestaShop VS. WooCommerce – Which one is the better for you?

PrestaShop VS. WooCommerce When setting up an online store, choosing the right platform is essential in determining how it will react to future situations. You must put research into each of the platforms to decide what the best route is for you.  In this post we are going to talk about the main features and […]

PrestaShop vs Shopify

Are you planning to open an online store and you are wondering which one is the best platform? If that’s the case, this is the perfect post for you to know why you should choose PrestaShop or why you should choose Shopify.

Google Shopping Prestashop: the Perfect Mix

Google Shopping Prestashop: Integration, Use & Advantages Do you have an online store and you are still wondering how to get more traffic and conversions? There are many channels that you can use to achieve the objective such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads… In this post we are going to talk about one […]

How to have a successful PrestaShop Store

Creating a new PrestaShop store can be exciting but there are some aspects that you should check in order to have a profitable shop. A lot of shop owners think that just with a good product and a good price they will succeed and sadly, they are wrong. An online store requires a lot more than that to achieve the success. In today’s post, we are going to help you as much as possible in order to get the best ROI from your online store.

Why Choose PrestaShop?

Here’s why you should host your ecommerce on PrestaShop!   While you may be faced with many options when choosing how to start your online business, PrestaShop offers a free solution to all of your ecommerce needs. As an extremely versatile platform, this highly-rated development program is the perfect host for your online store. You […]

Do you have or are you thinking of creating a store or business selling products or services online in Prestashop?

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In this part of Clever ecommerce blog we will tell you everything you want and need to know about Prestashop, one of the main ecommerce platforms, one of the best known in the world and additionally, it works with open source.

So, if you want to create an online business that sells successful products, Prestashop is one of your options, but… What else do you need to know? Read on at PrestaShop Blog by Clever ecommerce!

From its modules, its functionalities or how to advertise on Google Ads with its platform, through tips, guides, playbooks and tutorials to be the owner of a successful ecommerce with PretaShop. All this information and much more is what you will find in this category, PrestaShop blog.

Our team (which we call the Clever Team) is made up of people who are passionate about the web and its optimization, ecommerce, and programming… So we try to stay informed and pass all this knowledge on to you! So, as we say, we can tell you, our users, everything related to what interests you, in this case, Prestashop.

At Clever ecommerce we are happy to help you boost your sales with our recommendations from real Google Ads experts for your online store/commerce. Focusing on PrestaShop, we want to customize all the tips, steps and information we provide to work for your particular store. We want this to become the online business of reference for your consumers – everything you need is here! In this space you will find posts like: Prestashop and Prestashop blog customization, how to have a successful Prestashop store, Why choose Prestashop? The best Prestashop themes, tools, and modules… And much more!

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