Best PPC software for ecommerce

Clever ecommerce has developed the most powerful and innovative PPC
software to create your Google Adwords campaigns.

Clever ecommerce PPC automation software

Our technology uses machine learning and big data
for Google Ads optimization and total automation.

Easy: fully integrated with your ecommerce platform.

Fast: installation process only takes a few minutes.

Cheap: forget the agency fee. Get your basic campaigns for Free.

Boost your store with Clever Google Ads, the powerful PPC software for ecommerce developed by Clever ecommerce and fully automated with machine learning.

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Easy and fast installation

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Link your store

step 1

Give us access to your Google Ads account so we can upload your new campaigns.
If you do not have a Google Ads account yet, don’t worry, we will help you create a new one.


Select your target products

step 02

Choose the products & collections you want to advertise.
The more you select, the more exposure we can give you.


Describe your store

step 3

Tell us about your business and what you offer.
Make sure you highlight what makes your store unique as we will us these descriptions on your ads.


Give us some ads tips

step 04

Time to get customers clicking!
Showcase what makes your product unique and what makes your business the best choice. Remember we will use it in the description of your ads.


Let’s get your campaigns up and running

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Clever is a Free to use Google Ads optimization software.
All your budget will be spent solely on Google Ads.

Clever Google Ads software features

Do you want to know what you will get after finishing the installation process? Have a look to those awesome features.

keyword generation

Keyword generation

Automated generation of keywords based on your products and categories.

Google Adwords network

Search Google Ads

Appear on Google Search results to target people when they are searching for your relevant keywords.

Display icon

Display Google Ads

Reach people while they’re browsing their favorite websites through image-focused ads. You will get a set of banners at no cost.

gmail icon

Gmail Ads

Connect with potential customers in a more personal format by appearing at the top of a Gmail inbox.

Dynamic Remarketing

Google Remarketing Ads

Reconnect with people that have previously visited your store by displaying your ads through different networks.

google shopping ads

Google Shopping Ads

Upload your products on Google Merchant Center and get Smart Shopping campaigns. We can also create & optimize your Google Shopping Feed.

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