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New app features: Promotion Extensions

Add promotion extensions to your ads


As we already mentioned in our previous blogpost, our Clever team works constantly in order to improve the services we offer to our clients. Our app Clever AdWords, available on Shopify for free here is already available with new, cool features.

This time we are proudly presenting you with the new promo line extension feature. From now on, you can very easily add promo line extensions to your ads through the Clever AdWords app dashboard. Here you can see a screenshot of the new feature of the app:


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We have always considered a video as the best form to visualize the process. For that reason, below is a video demonstrating the easy process of adding the promo lines in your ads.



Why AdWords Promotion Extensions?

AdWords Promotion Extensions is a very useful tool which can help your ads perform better.  Statistics show that ads which include promotional offers have higher CTR and conversion rates. Furthermore, the ad’s relevance and quality score can be improved by adding ad line extensions. Ad’s extensions are clickable and can lead your customers directly to the page or product you wish to promote. Of course, it is important for each online store to measure its revenue and costs and base their decisions on their goals and objectives.

You can take a look at the useful ecommerce calendar we have created in order to help you with the special dates and holidays. In this calendar you can find useful information and create your special promotions and offers in order to increase the traffic and the sales of your store.

Once more, we hope you share the excitement with us and stay tuned, because more awesome features are coming out soon!





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