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How to increase conversions of your online store

How to increase your eCommerce conversions


Tips for increasing the CR of your online store

“I’m improving my SEO, I’m investing in SEM, my prices and shipping are good enough… Everything seems alright, but I’m still not getting too many sales. What is going on?!”

This is a really common question among ecommerce owners. The main problem is that they pay too much attention to SEO, SEM and usually neglect the importance of the navigation experiencePaying to send traffic to your website is only part of the process. It’s what happens once they get there that matters. In this post, we will show you some tips on how to improve your store and eventually, increase your conversion rate.

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How can you increase your conversion rate?


✓ Improve your product images

Make sure that the product images you display are high-quality and not blurry. Customers will trust more a website that has quality and optimized images, increasing the chances of conversion! Pixc is the easiest way to get your product images edited – without additional resources.

✓ Start a blog and keep it updated

Writing blogs is a good way to drive some organic traffic to your store. Also, if you write specific content related to the product you are selling, your store will look much more professional. If you really work on it, you can even create an online community that will help you share your content and spread the word about your site and products.

✓ Create an “About us” section

Use it to talk about the “mission-vision” of your company (when and why). If you explain your motivation to open your store, and even add a picture, they’ll empathize with you. They’ll feel closer to you, which is great for engagement!

✓ Add “Shipping Information”

Explain in detail the shipping costs of your products, the shipping time to each country and what to do in case of returning item. People feel more secure if they know it’s easy to return the products and get their money back, in case they want to.

✓ Add store social media links

Add icons with links to your social media accounts. Remember to configure it so the links open in a new tab, so that the customers won’t leave your store when they click on them. Social media is a really good way of building social trust. If potential customers see that other people had good experiences with your products, they’ll be more willing to make a purchase.

✓ Personalized and relevant product descriptions

Don’t copy-paste the same product description for all your products. Take your time and write unique product descriptions for each one of them. This will make your store look much more trustworthy! Also remember to talk about the benefits your products have for them, and not only about the functionalities. A blanket can be made from cotton by Indian artisans, but what the customer wants to know is if it will keep them warm.

✓ Add a “Contact us” section

…and make it visible! Customers will know that in case they have a problem, they can easily reach you for help. You’ll generate trust, and will also get to talk to your customers and gather some feedback. Their suggestions can help you improve!

✓ Add links to your site in the footer

Add links to other sections of your shop. This way your customers can still navigate through your shop once they get there, instead of having to scroll up to the menu. Make the process as comfortable for them as you can.


As you can see, your main goal should be to make your shop look professional and trustworthy. This is the best way to increase your sales and take your shop to the next level!







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