Guide to create Google Ads for ecommerce

Make the right decisions for growing your ecommerce business by learning how to create Google Ads profitable campaigns for your store.

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Google Ads campaign types

Campaign types

Starting advertising with Google Ads requires creating a campaign. Google network offers different campaign types for you to choose the ones that best suits your goals. The campaign type determines where customers will be able to see your ads.

Google Ads banners


When used correctly, banners can bring customers to your store in just one click. The purpose of banner advertising is to promote your brand through using visuals & simple images. Let’s learn how they work!

Google Ads keywords


keywords are essentially the epitome of your advertising for your ecommerce. Effectively using keywords can significantly increase your ecommerce sales. Keywords are the groundwork of any Google Ads campaign, & if incorrectly selected, they will not be beneficial to your company.

Google Ads extensions

Google Ads extensions

Ad extensions have the ability to increase your ads click through rate. By offering your customers additional information, you are persuading them to visit your website & eventually make a purchase.

Google Ads budget

Google Ads budget

When it comes to the amount spent on Google Ads, there is no rule to cover it all. It really depends on your business, your goals & your capability. If you are an owner of a small ecommerce, you might want to start with a smaller budget.

Disapproved Ads on Google Ads

Disapproved Ads

A disapproved ad is any ad that has been created & doesn’t meet Google Ads’ policies & therefore won’t be shown. Learn how not to create these kind of advertisements & create always good promos.

Google Ads metrics

Metrics & KPIs

Through Google Analytics you can find free services that can track & report your website traffic. This can benefit your ecommerce as you will be able to see trends & statistics, & with all this data your can build your marketing strategies accordingly.

Google Ads quality score

Google Ads Quality score

Quality Score is defined by Google as “an estimate or the quality of your ads, keywords & landing pages”. It ensures that the most relevant results are shown as paid advertisements.

Google Ads Shopping

Google Ads Shopping

Google Shopping is an ecommerce platform powered by Google Ads & Google Merchant. It serves as an incredible tool to grow your online business with the help of the Google Search engine & its tools.

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