Google Ads for ecommerce

Everything you need to know about Google Ads for Ecommerce. Learn about Google’s paid traffic collection tool, also known as Adwords. Here, you will find tutorials and guides on how Google Ads works and the benefits it will bring to your ecommerce. This section also includes recorded tutorials, news and updates about how to optimize your Adwords campaigns using the app: Clever Google Ads.

How to Sell Online – Online Store from the Beginning

How to Sell Online – Build Your Business from Zero With the increase of the e-commerce market and sales year after year, it is clear that e-commerce is the present and the future of how people will do business and shopping. Now it is so easy to have your online store created and built within […]

Google Ads Conversion Tracking Guide

Google Ads Conversion Tracking – Configure your Sales Flow Imagine that you are creating Google Ads campaigns and you don’t absolutely know how they are performing because you lose track of what the clients do once they have clicked on your ad. How do you know that the campaigns are working or not? It is […]

What Is Google Shopping?

Learn About Google Shopping & How It Can Boost Your Sales Surely if you are here, it’s because you already have an ecommerce or you are interested in the world of Google Ads and/or Online Marketing. Either way, you most likely know about Google Shopping but… Do you really know all the details? In this […]

Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization: Success Story

  Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Success Story If you have an online store, it’s likely that one of your main goals is to increase your conversion rate. That’s why I’m here to show you my ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization success story so you can also experience optimal results. Throughout this post, I will explain step […]

Remarketing Ads, Tags & Conversions

How to Create Conversion & Remarketing Ads With Tags How do you get the most out of your Google Ads with tags? In order to help Google Ads to be able to keep track of the products that are visited or how much certain products have been purchased through ads, it is necessary to insert […]

Google Ads for Ecommerce Guide

Google Ads Ecommerce: the Ultimate Google Ads Guide Have you started a new ecommerce store and you’re struggling to get some traffic to your website? Or are you a consolidated store trying to get new customers? No matter what your current situation is, we are sure that Google Ads can help you with brand awareness […]

Google ecommerce, the perfect mix

Google ecommerce, the win win combination If you are running an ecommerce and looking for useful tools that can power your business you are in the right place. I am sure you have thought what could Google do for your ecommerce, or how can you use Google to grow your ecommerce. Let’s take a closer […]

Google gtag. What is it and Why do I need it?

Google has released a new global site tag   As you probably know, Google is obsessed with simplicity. A few months ago, Google began implementing Global Site Tag. Gtag is the newest way to track implement pixels without bothering your technical team too much 🙂 First, you should now that we will help you for […]

Clever ecommerce, a great ppc software option!

If you ever have created Google Ads campaigns manually, you will know how frustrating and time consuming the process can be. Creating all the campaigns, the ad groups, the products ads, the banners… and imagine if you have 30 categories and 1000 products.

Are You Interested in Google Ads? Are You an Ecommerce Owner?

If you’re interested in Google Ads because you have an ecommerce or an online store and you want to learn about Google’s paid traffic acquisition tool, known as Google Ads, this is the perfect category of our blog for you. Here you will find tutorials and guides about Google Ads for ecommerce, how it works and the benefits it will bring to your business. This section includes as we say written and recorded tutorials, news updates, plus a complete guide on how our application works for Shopify, Prestashop, Bigcommerce, and WoCommerce integrations.

Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is a Google service and program used to offer sponsored advertising to potential advertisers, and therefore Google ads for ecommerce is a powerful tool to boost your online sales, as Google is the world’s leading search engine, so take advantage of it!

Google Ads sponsored ads appear on the search results page (SERP), alongside natural or organic search results (this area is referred to as the Google Ads Search Network and Search Network Partners, which include other Google-related sources) and in areas of web pages. Ads appear in the form of banners, which can be images, videos or text.

Clever ecommerce uses its advanced algorithm to help you create, optimize and get the most out of Google Ads campaigns for your ecommerce, whether they are search, display or remarketing.

All this information as well as techniques, guidelines, tips and tricks of SEO, SEM, Google Ads for ecommerce, Online Marketing is what we try to offer you in our blog. In this specific category (Google Ads), we will offer you information and interesting articles on the subject.

For example, you will find: how Clever will create the most complete Adwords campaigns for your business, all about SEM, campaign optimization, google ads tips and tricks for ecommerce, and the ultimate techniques for your paid strategy (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc). Read on and enjoy our content and reflections, we are sure you will love our tips. Boost your Google Ads for ecommerce with all our tips!

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