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Planned Gift Purchases Infographic for Father’s Day 2019

What are the Expected Gift Purchases for this Father’s Day 2019?


If you are an ecommerce owner, you should know the importance of key holidays, special days and celebrations and the big impact they have on your sales. Father’s Day is around the corner and you should get ready. If you are still not convinced on how important Father’s day is, we will make it easier for you by providing you with the following data from the National Retail Federation’s big survey. To get started, 2019 is expected to have the highest consumer Father’s Day spending yet.

Check out this cool infographic! 😉


ftaher's day infographic

Do you want more seasonal marketing tips? You might want to check out  5 holiday ecommerce marketing campaigns you need to do in 2019. You can use the ultimate retail calendar we have created for you as a useful tool to run fun promotions and connect with your audience. If your business’ sector is either Jewelry or Luxury then you might find this special made infographic quite useful.

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