Clever ecommerce's pricing coronavirus update

We want to show our support for ecommerce coronavirus impacted businesses by offering our Premium Plan 50% off, making it even more affordable for those affected. #StayHome #RestartFromHome



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Google Ads automation by Clever ecommerce

Start advertising your products on Google

The current COVID-19 pandemic has meda it an exceptionally trying time for many businesses like you. We can help you advertise your products by creating Search, Display, Remarketing & Shopping Google Ads campaigns.

Google Adwords network

Search Ads

Target people when they are searching for your products on Google Adwords network using the right keywords for your business.

display ads

Display & Banners

Reach people while they’re browsing their favorite websites through image-focused Ads. A set of banners will be created for you at no cost.

Dynamic Remarketing


Retarget people that have previously visited your store and get them back to purchase the products they were previously interested in.

google shopping ads

Shopping Ads

Create & optimize your Google Shopping Feed, upload your products on Google Merchant Center & create your Smart Shopping campaigns.

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#StayHome and stay safe