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Do You know what a Clever person is? Sells Like Hot Cakes is a company providing video courses teaching viewers how to utilize Amazon and Shopify to increase profits.

Their YouTube channel features a weekly review of different Shopify apps with an instructive tutorial and Cole has contacted us.

The reason? He is impressed with our Clever Ads app, and asked to review our application and create a partnership.

Do you want to become yourself in a Clever person too? Watch the video!

It demonstrates how to use our app in just 5 easy steps, ending with Cole saying he “highly suggests” viewers to install the app becauseit really does everything for you”.

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If after watch the video you consider that you want to be a Clever person (welcome to the team!), don’t hesitate and read this article: Clever Application: take your marketing strategy to the next level

Check out this video created by Mike Cole from Sells Like Hot Cakes.



This is what Mike Cole says at Youtube in this video:

This week I review Clever ecommerce App that helps you connect your Adwords account to Shopify and maximize your Shopify+Adwords profits. I will show you how to install and use it and give you several tips on how to apply it best. Welcome back to my video series.

Each week I am picking one great app or a product idea to share what’s working RIGHT NOW and give you fresh tips&tricks on how you can be successful with Shopify and Amazon ecommerce business.

Check out their website and their YouTube channel for more instructional videos and to view and subscribe to their series “How You Can Get from Zero to $47,812 Per Month”.

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Laura is a marketing product manager at Clever Ads & a habitual blogger for both Clever Ads and Clever ecommerce. As a digital marketer and advertising expert, Laura is excited to accept new challenges and help customers.. Don't hesitate to contact her on Twitter or LinkedIn to discuss topics regarding #marketing, #PPC, #SEO strategies or any other topics ❤️ She loves to chat!

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