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The best Valetines Ads Ideas you have ever seen

Are you excited because Valentine’s Day  is coming? Are you nervous? Or maybe even sad because you are still single? Besides, this year has not been a good year for love, let’s be real – but it’s all good! There are solutions for everyone! Of course, on February 14th, you can sense a lot of different emotions, but if you are an online store owner, what it brings Valentine’s Day is, of course, excitement at the prospect of being able to sell more. But sales do not come alone, although we want to take advantage of this succulent date for businesses, we must be original and creative and as we say, more this year when the wholesale sector and consumer behavior patterns have changed a lot due to COVID-19. Therefore, this year we want to inspire you (you still have a month to prepare yourself) with the best Valentines Ads Ideas you have (maybe) ever seen. Take a chance on 2021!

But first, have in mind that these Ads Ideas are tips from other mediums: TV, offline, or even the internet (the latter being very interesting for online stores, of course). So get inspired for your Google Ads campaigns because you’re an ecommerce!

Take these down!

4 Valentine’s Day Ads Ideas:

For those who have forgotten to buy something for their partner…

For many, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to make a  kind gesture, but for others, it is an obligation, and many times we forget this date because we don’t take it into account as much as birthdays or couples’ anniversaries.

Carphone Warehouse knows this, and included this fun ad in the press and magazines so that all those forgetful people could give a bouquet of flowers… Even if it was paper!


valentines ads example 1


The slogan of the ad appealed to those who don’t especially believe in this date and don’t want to spend money “Why spend more on Valentine’s Day?” Very smart to locate this niche on a key date of seasonal.

Art-based campaigns

Other concepts/ideas and love is a combination that gives a lot of play. For example, the Analytics company WiseUP used this campaign mixing language and love under the leitmotiv “Love is the language that unites people. English is what translates”


creative valentine ads


If you can somehow unite your product or service with the idea of love, look for a good slogan and something creative, and generate a campaign under this theme. Remember… It is essential that it is fun and creative!

Love at first sight…

This concept/slogan has been very much used by the different brands for their Valentine’s Day campaigns. Let’s see two examples!

The first campaign we are to talk about is offline and maybe applying it to the internet is not very viable but… How about the idea for creativity? Or even to sell as a Valentine’s product? Funny How Flowers do that placed up to 1,500 boxes like this throughout Paris to make itself known. If it turns out that that day you saw the love of your life, this rose could be an emergency kit to conquer it. How about? You should only think of a good phrase to say to your better half.


valentines day ads flowers example


Another example, and this time it’s online, is the ad for the electric company and Superb bulbs, which uses the same concept of love at first sight in this very original campaign. 


creative advertising superb inland empire


What do you think? You could adapt this concept for your Banner and Display campaigns, don’t you think?

The Power of the Erotic!

We cannot forget that with love, comes sex! This type of campaign is aggressive and we have to be careful with the concepts and words we use so as not to be banned, but, if we use word games, subtlety, elegance and creative visual play, we can obtain a very funny and spicy campaign, like this one by Wurst, under the slogan “Two halves of a pair”.


creative valentine ads


All these Valentine’s Day ads ideas are great, but now we want to provide you with some useful tips to implement in your Marketing actions and Google Ads campaigns for Valentine’s Day.

And remember that as a business owner online, Valentine’s is a date that should interest you. Did you know that last year the average spend made the days before Valentine’s Day increased by more than 50%? It is the best occasion to give a push to your Google Ads campaigns and do some marketing actions! 

Investing at specific times of the year can help you attract new users to your website and build loyalty to those who have already bought from you before. Valentine’s Day becomes a time to boost your annual strategy and give your business a boost. Write down February 14 on the calendar and fall in love with your customers!

Valentines Day Ads Ideas at a glance

We hope you have taken note of these Valentines day ads ideas and got inspiration for your own campaigns!


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  1. Many companies from different niche can benefit from the holiday. As soon as the preparation is done in a proper way. The steps described above are very logical and certainly can produce very good results and maximize the sales.

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