Must have apps for your new ecommerce

Read here about the most useful apps when you first create your online store

So, you just created your online store… Congratulations! What is your next step? Do you find yourself lost among the thousands of options on the Shopify app store? They all seem very useful but you don’t know where to start? We are here to help you in your first steps. We collected the seven most useful apps for starting with your store.

Everyone agrees on how important bringing traffic is to your store. How could you achieve that? By using SEO and SEM tools. And of course by never neglecting the importance of your store’s appearance. On Shopify, there is a great variety of apps for helping you with all this.

Does Google AdWords sound complicated and time consuming to you?

Well, you are not the only one. With “Clever AdWords”, you have one less thing to worry about. The app creates and publishes ads for your products automatically. You can reach the right buyers for your products at the right time on Google. The app is available for free, however there is a paid premium version with additional services provided. If you want to save money in your first Google Ads campaigns, remember to activate your Google Ads PROMO CODE here




With “SEO manager”

You can improve your store’s search engine ranking for $20 per month. The app is offering a lot of unique features which help you improve your site’s position in Google, Yahoo and Bing results. Download here


seo manager



…and its apps will help you make your store look more professional and attractive to your potential customers. With the app “Photo resize”, your product photos are automatically resized and replaced to square. Your first 400 images are created for free. Then, two pricing plans are available. Either pay $0.05 per image, or $19.99 per month for an unlimited number of images. Additionally, with “Retail ready photos” you can edit your product images to look more beautiful and professional.




With “Rewards and referrals by Swell”

You can very easily add rewards programs, referral programs and email capture to your Shopify store. The app gives you the chance to choose among 10 unique ways to reward your customers. The app is available for free here until you reach 100 orders per month.




“Sales Pop by Beeketing”

You can very easily add real-time notifications of recent sales to your store. With this tool you can boost your sales by creating positive influence. Download here.


Sales Pop by Beeketing


With “Kit”…

You can create Facebook and Instagram ads, retargeting your customers and reminding them about your products. You can also send personalized ‘thank you’ emails as well as create discount codes for acquiring and retaining customers. Download here.


kit app




You can manage all of your orders, keep inventory in sync from all of your channels and manage your entire shipping process directly in a single platform. By avoiding overselling, missing orders and out-of-stocks, you’ll save valuable time to focus on growing your business. Download here.




May your business grow and bring you prosperity. Best wishes from the Clever team.

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