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Prepare your ecommerce for this summer!

With memorial day behind us, we can officially celebrate the beginning of summer! Summertime calls for warmer weather, trips to the beach, and most importantly different customers needs that need to be satisfied. Ecommerce and summer, a essential seasonal marketing combination!

In order to stay relevant during the warmest time of the year, here are some helpful tricks to get ahead of that summertime fever.

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Ecommerce Summer Tips

#1 Create promotions

Keep in mind many of your customers will be traveling during these vacation months so it is important to create promotions based on vacationing needs, maybe even create a rewards programs for those who are traveling.

Memorial day and the Fourth of July are great holidays to create promotions with, informing your customers of discounts and/ or special deals during the holidays will for sure get them excited for the season!

#2 Get your clients in the summer mood!

Send out email notifications and post on your social media pages about the warm weather and your upcoming promotions, it will help keep customers excited and keep your store relevant.

#3 Take advantage of the weather!

Many retailers have had success during these warm months having pushed their stores outside to change things up a bit and potentially attract new customers.

#4 Travel to your customers

Many people enjoy shopping outdoors at markets or festivals during the summer. Set up booths at these locations to continue to reach out to your valuable customers!


For more helpful tips take a look at the following infographic….


top summer sellers




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  1. I love this post! It has great ideas to help get ready for summer. My favorite tip is taking advantage of the weather! As a customer, I know that if I’m walking by a store, I’m more likely to browse if there are things set up outside to draw me in. What a great idea 🙂

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