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Summer Campaigns on Google Ads – 5 Tricks to Get the Most Out of Them

Do you want to take advantage of your summer campaigns on Google Ads? Every year at this time you have to push and make an effort to redesign everything for the summer, but this year brings the unprecedented situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have to be especially careful with our promotions, campaigns, and products.

Be smarter and a bit more cautious, and try to guide everything in the right direction!

It is important to know what to do to get the most out of the tool itself. In order to boost your Summer Campaigns in AdWords this year, we’re bringing you these 5 super useful tips!

Tip 1: Increase bidding settings for mobile devices

It is summer and people go on vacation. And although this year is going to be a special year in which local tourism will predominate, we must bear in mind that when people spend more time in the mountains or at the beach, they don’t have a computer to connect to the Internet and mobile devices are used more frequently to search inquiries and activities, make reservations at restaurants and pubs, and of course, to buy products!

Take advantage of these months to gain visibility on mobile devices by increasing bids per this kind of device.

Also keep in mind the various ramifications you can make; as we said earlier this summer will be difficult and many people will stay at home. They will also use their phones because during the summer – with vacation and the heat – no one seems to have the energy to get up and turn on their computer, but (be careful!) your offers in this case should be different from those aimed at people who travel domestically in their country and the lucky ones that this year that will be able to travel abroad.

Conclusion: Increase your July bids for mobile devices now.


device bid adjustment
As you can see, the adjustment of bids per device allows segmentation, not only between mobile or computer desktop, but also takes into account tablets!


Tip 2: Not everything consists of search campaigns

Summer is a good time to test and experiment. We can focus not only on search campaigns, but we recommend doing Display or Video campaigns. This way, we generate branding or brand awareness and in September, for example, we can use remarketing to make an impact on these users who have visited our site during the summer.

Registration for courses opening in September, why not make a video campaign showing the school? School supplies to return to class…. Get Display campaigns! Besides, during these odd times we’ve been experiencing, we’re all looking forward to getting back to normal an, as far as we can tell, we’re slowly recovering. Autumn/winter will be a relief for all of us to have overcome (in part) this big bump of the coronavirus. Boost that feeling of positivity in your Display and Video campaigns!

And why not take advantage of those who have seen the video or clicked on your banner to do remarketing in September? By using the right attribution model, you can find out how they have done the buying process.


display network
Google Ads Display Network: is a collection of over two million websites, applications and videos where your Google ads can appear. Display Network websites reach over 90% of Internet users worldwide.


Tip 3: There is no need to be in the tourism sector, just think of summer deals!

Summer – and more so after the economic crisis we are experiencing this year – is an ideal time to offer discounts, benefits and special advantages.
There are certain sectors that directly benefit from “summer”, such as the travel and tourism sector, but just because you are not in this sector does not mean that you can’t increase your sales!

Some ideas…

  • Courses: Take advantage of this opportunity to promote your intensive courses, language classes, summer webinars, etc… or, offer discounts for September.
  • Product (online) shops: It’s simple, isn’t it? Advertise discounts or offer perks such as eliminating shipping costs or handing out an additional gift on product that screams “summer.” For example, buy an affordable supply of sun cream, and gift a small sample bottle with every purchase during the months of July and August.
  • Online Bookstores: Discounts on travel guides, children’s books, suggest reading materials and have a special offer ready for them… Imagination is the boss!


use your imagination

Tip 4: You Bid by the Hour of the Day

Believe it or not, users behave different depending on the season due to the hours of light, and in summer it gets dark later than in winter. Since there are more more light hours, we spend more time away from home; therefore, fewer searches are made. And even more so this year due to the periods of quarantine / lock down that have been seen in many countries. It is normal that users make more searches at times when they are at home or more relaxed, so take advantage by increasing the bids at the central hours of the day (lunch break, snack time, etc), the first hour of the morning or last hours of the night. The cooler hours… people spend them in the street!

Tip 5: Use your creativity!

We just said that in one of the previous points. The more imaginative and original your summer campaigns are, the more buyers you will attract.
Take advantage of the summer to give your Google Adwords ads a different touch. This way, you will differentiate yourself from the competition and attract more attention. It is clear that this type of action is not possible for all sectors, for example in B2B (Business to Business) it is somewhat more complicated, but in B2C (Business to Consumer) you can try to capture the attention of your users with texts that reference summer. Still, even if it is complicated, think about it! There are always ways to differentiate yourself, find your niche and stand out!

For more helpful tips take a look at the following infographic….

ecommerce summer top sellers

Keep on browsing our blog and you will find very useful and interesting information about marketing and seasonality. For example, we recommend this article: the best summer marketing ideas.

We hope we helped you!




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  1. I love this post! It has great ideas to help get ready for summer. My favorite tip is taking advantage of the weather! As a customer, I know that if I’m walking by a store, I’m more likely to browse if there are things set up outside to draw me in. What a great idea 🙂

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