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Retail Marketing Calendar – Run Proms & Connect with your Audience

A Retail Marketing Calendar can help you to…

  1. Keep track of seasonal holidays, special occasions, and major events.
  2. It is a useful tool to run fun promotions and this will engage your users.
  3. Get a great opportunity to connect with your audience.

Grab the chance to engage with your users on social media, promote your brand, and enrich and viralize your newsletter!

Engagement in social media


  • Degree to which a consumer interacts with your brand.
  • Compromise between the brand and the users.
  • Based on creating certain loyalty and motivation for our users.
  • Customers will feel part of the brand, and in this way they refer us new users.

Engagement in Marketing

The literal translation for “Engagement” is “commitment”. However, the term is used in online marketing like…

The degree of emotional involvement that followers of a company have in social networks with that company and/or brand.

Engagement Rate

What is the Engagement Rate for Facebook?

Facebook determines this rate as the percentage of people who reacted, shared, clicked or commented on a publication of your page.

It is the number of people that are interacting with your content with respect to the total number of followers of your page.

To help you nail your seasonal marketing this year 2020, we have identified five creative campaigns to do yourself.

Check these tricks, they are easy and practical… and the most important, They work!

The marketing calendar we have created for you covers all the key dates, special occasions, and holidays that you need to know in order to plan your marketing activities and promotions ahead for 2019:

  • Black Friday.
  • Mother’s and Father’s day.
  • Indian festivals…

All the special dates are there! You won’t miss anyone, we promise.

And… If You are a Community Manager or your social media need a push, take a look at SEMrush Social Media Events Calendar 2020 here.

Do You know what Daykeeting is?


Marketing strategy that uses events, timely news or dates to try to increase the profitability of commercial actions.

The term is owed to the publicist Luiggi Sarrias Martí who has been responsible for giving us all kinds of details in the book “Dayketing. Today is a great day to sell more!”

Marketing online and Daykeeting

The union of forces between online marketing and day-marketing offers enormous possibilities. One of the premises of day-marketing is that we will necessarily have to be very agile in the proposals and above all, be attentive to the present and keep in mind the most representative dates of the socio-cultural environment in which we work or for which we work.

For the indicated dates of the year we can schedule different marketing actions with some margin of maneuver since these dates are always the same, that is, the father’s day is always March 19 in Spain, that does not change.

But the list of dates can be extended to, for example, world, national, international days, births and deaths of personalities, ephemeris, sporting or cultural events, historical events… etc.

The peculiarities of each type of date or event will also help us to properly segment our database to try to be even more efficient and not make mistakes with the target of the promotion.

Things to keep in mind when using our marketing calendar template

Plan Ahead

Planning your marketing calendar ahead of time based on major dates will also help your business stay on track with its promotional campaigns, sales, seasonal products, and special offers during the most effective times.

If you have a product that might be especially relevant to a certain time or event, start your promotions in advance. Use our retail calendar to create a marketing schedule.

It is important that you start advertising and ramping up your marketing campaigns for the products you think consumers might be interested in well before the time or event they may want it for.

If you start promoting your products too late, consumers won’t know about them until it’s too late! Put your products or services on consumers’ radars so they are aware of them in time. Remember, consumers also like to plan ahead!

Keep Up!

It is important for your business to be up to date on the latest things going on in the world in order to stay relevant with your customers, that is why a retail calendar is important to use.

For example, on Super Bowl Sunday, consumers may be looking to host parties with their favorite football snacks.

So, if you are a grocery store, you may want to tailor your advertisements and discounts to food typical for football-viewing parties (wings, beer, dips, chips, etc).

Making it known to consumers that they can trust your company to provide the products they want is important when it comes to making consumers choose your store!

The days we have mapped out for you on our retail calendar are times consumers usually look for a specific product or service.

It is essential to make sure consumers know your business can provide the specific things they are looking for in order to increase traffic to your store and increase the potential for sales.

Now that you are a retail calendar expert, take a look at the one we have made for you to leverage your marketing strategies!

Some of the special dates You will find in this calendar…

  • Black Friday.
  • Cyber Monday.
  • Christmas.
  • Easter.
  • Valentine’s Day.
  • Chinese New Year.
  • Groundhog Day.
  • Three Wise men Day.
  • Summer and winter sales…

And much more!

And, furthermore, international dates: all the India festivals, USA famous days…

You will have all the necesary information for your holiday marketing and your seasonal campaigns, even special promotions will be easier with this calendar.


Some brilliant examples of holiday marketing campaigns

Ikea and the environment sense

April 22nd is Earth Day, which is a nice time to try and market your way to doing some good in the world.

Just like Ikea did with this campaign.

ikea campaign

Coca-Cola Canada: Peace on Earth … Or at Least in the Mall

Coca-Cola (Canada) took advantage of the Christmas sales to get a campaign directly related to them …

And triumphed!

retail calendar

Summer: back to school

At the end of the summer, “back to school sales” are everywhere.

Do not stay behind and do a contest like mommypage did, which targeted parents with a seasonal campaign that went viral.

holiday marketing

HotelTonight: Visit, Don’t Stay

This hotel chain took advantage of the holiday season and the irony to make a seasonal campaign that was very successful.

retail calendar

Funnyhowflowersdothat at Valentine’s Day

The chocolates, stuffed animals, flowers … are typical Valentine’s gifts. If this is your case, what are you waiting for to do a super seasonal campaign on this date?

Funnyhowflowersdothat made a drone campaign that distributed flowers viral.

Edeka: Wihnachtsclip – #heimkommen

Christmas. The most endearing dates of the year are obligatory in holiday marketing.

This example of two campaigns of the German supermarket Edeka triumphed a lot and are a perfect example of holiday marketing.

Samsung Galaxy: Unwrap The Feels

Another Christmas Samsung decided to mix holiday marketing with one of the technologies that has gained importance little by little in today’s society, virtual reality.

And, remember that, if You need some seasonal campaigns ideas… Don’t miss this one!

5 holiday ecommerce marketing campaigns you need to do in 2020


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