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Prime Day is Not Just for Amazon Prime

Did you know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are not limited to the fall anymore? How does one create a national shopping holiday?

The answer is: become an ecommerce and logistical giant and decide that you want to increase traffic of shoppers one day in the summer while celebrating your founding anniversary, and that is all it takes. That is exactly what Amazon did back in 2015. They wanted to celebrate their 20th birthday, so they created a summertime Black Friday. Now, in its fifth year, “Prime Day,” as this shopping holiday is called, is a massive day of sales and the kick-off to the back-to-school shopping season. Better yet, this is not something that only Amazon benefits from. Ever since they launched Prime Day back in 2015, other retailers and ecommerces have been inspired to follow suit by launching their own deals on the same day. The goal?  to take advantage of the eager shoppers ready to hunt deals for the coming fall and school year. 

Some data…

There are many retailers, more than 250 this year actually, who take advantage of the Prime Day atmosphere by launching their own deals and offers to draw customers in and drive sales. Walmart, Macy’s, Best Buy, Dell, and Target are some of those who have announced their participation in the Prime Day. However, just like Amazon, this is a day for ecommerce sales as well. Ecommerce giants such as Ebay are also participating and launching deals. In fact, Prime Day has consistently outperformed Cyber Monday in terms of sales and shoppers. If your ecommerce is celebrating Cyber Monday and not Prime Day, you are missing out on a huge market. 

This year, Prime Day takes place over two days actually: July 15-July 16. For first time Prime Day will be a full 48 hours (last year it was only 36). This means even more time for potential shoppers to find your deals, which means even more potential sales. If you need convincing as to how big of a shopping holiday this is, check out the following infographic. Hopefully it will show you just how much you could benefit from participating in Prime Day deals:



Keep in mind when preparing your ecommerce business for the storm of visitors you will hopefully get on Prime Day…

Nearly all who shopped on Prime Day last year hope their shopping experience improves in 2019.

  •  Remember that if you are an ecommerce, your sales depend just as much on your website experience and performance as they do on your actual products and deals. Glitches in sites and slow page-loading times are the leading cause of abandoned carts and high bounce rates. 
  • If you want visitors to your website to actually convert and become customers, you will need to ensure that the user experience of your website is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and loads quickly. 
  • Also, ensure that your website is up and running without any glitches. In 2018, Amazon’s landing page and certain links were down in the United States for about 75 minutes during its Prime Day promotions. According to experts, this is an estimated $90 million lost in sales. Obviously not all ecommerces will have such high-stakes losses, however it is a good point to remember- error pages mean less sales. 

Remember that Amazon Prime offers free shipping

  • The whole point of getting an Amazon Prime account is to get free shipping on your orders through the tech giant. Many of the other retailers who are participating this year in Prime Day are offering similar deals in order to compete with Amazon on its own day. For example, Target is offering free same-day pickup. 
  • Obviously, this is not reasonable for every business to offer when participating in Prime Day. Smaller ecommerces simply cannot offer these delivery options at the same price as larger logistical giants. However, marketing is all about customer perception. In order to offer “free shipping,” try including the cost of the shipping in the product prices themselves so that you can claim free shipping as well, in order to compete with the bigger retailers.

Your Prime Day Deals will not be successful unless you market them

  • How are shoppers supposed to know about your sweet Prime Day deals? You need to get the message out there that your ecommerce is the place to shop for this time and for back-to-school shopping. Try targeted Google Ads display campaigns, a Google search campaign with optimized keywords, or even a Google Shopping Ad. Google Adwords is the best option for getting conversions and driving traffic to your website. Check out this app that will automatically create your customized Google Ads campaigns for you at no cost! Also, posting on your social media will tell your already loyal followers that you are giving them what they want this summer: deals, deals, and more deals.

The back-to-school season is long

  • Not only should you be taking advantage of Prime Day, there are also important days for shoppers throughout the back-to-school season. Take advantage of the first week of August and Labor Day because these are times that shopping increases significantly. If you need help creating seasonal campaigns, we’ll create them for your for free. Also, check out this free ecommerce retail calendar  for more great dates and ideas to boost your sales throughout the year!
Dana Ward

Dana Ward

Dana is a Peer Career Coach at the Center for Career and Professional Success in the College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio State. She’s a Spanish speaker and certified foodie. Most importantly, Dana is always prepared to do her main hobby: travel around the world! ❤️ #traveler #foodie #marketing #business

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