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Best Prestashop Themes f 2021

The year 2020 could be defined as a slightly different year for everyone, and with the pandemic still looming, many of the changes we experienced will continue into 2021. The beginning of this new year can be a great opportunity to give a boost to your ecommerce, and what better way than choosing some of the best themes available in Prestashop? This will give a fresh, new touch to your website.

We know that choosing the right theme for a store can be a complicated task, so here is a list of the themes that have caused the most sensation among the Clever Ecommerce team. Let’s see what you think!

Ashley Home & Garden Store


Ashley Home & Garden Store Prestashop theme


This theme is ideal for stores specialized in furniture, home decor, art and accessories, among other things. It offers a minimalist, clean and professional design that is very useful for any store seeking these aspects for their products.

It is a responsive theme, available in several languages, that offers a quick visualization of your products. In addition to always having the cart visible, it also offers a blog system, something fundamental to be connected with your community.

You can download it from here and it is one of our favorite themes, since in many occasions, the simplest thing can be what makes the difference.

Allura Cosmetics Shop


Allura Cosmetics Shop prestashop themes


This theme is designed mainly for beginners with businesses related to natural spa, yoga, organics, fitness, wellness and beauty, but it can also be useful for multi-purpose stores. This theme achieves harmony between the color combination, which allows you to highlight the characteristics of your products and present them to users in a more attractive way that is clear and professional.

Some of its main features include: ease of installation, a step by step installation guide, adaptable to any device, availability of different languages, and simple, pleasant user experience. 

Allura is, without a doubt, one of the best themes when selling products or services related to health and personal care. You can download it directly here.

Junlee – Premium Accessories Theme

Junlee - Premium Accessories Theme pretashop theme


Junlee is one of our favorite minimalist styled themes. It combines design and functionality in the simplest and most effective way possible, allowing the user to navigate your site without getting lost or distracted. This adds great value to the user experience when browsing your website. This design can also help you achieve a great visual impact with the least amount of elements possible.

This is a very attractive and high quality design focused mainly on fashion, clothes and accessories, available in several languages and unlimited colors. It also includes a blog system, so that your users are up to date with all the information about your products. Moreover, once you install this theme, 6 default home pages will be created and you can choose one of them or create a new one through the Page Builder function.

Here you can take a look at the theme and download it.

Organic Garden – Food Store Theme


Organic Garden

If you are thinking of launching a business, or you already have one that is related to food and sports nutrition, you are in luck because this is the perfect theme for you.

Organic Garden presents a modern and very visual design, which we think is fundamental for a business that is in full development, such as organic and ecological food. It is clear and has optimized programming with SEO, which can be very useful when positioning yourself organically and attracting traffic to your website. 

As a totally responsive theme that is adaptable to any device and easy to customize, it is a very interesting option to give a fresh touch to your business in 2021, so go ahead and download it here.

Petymart Pet Store Theme


Petymart Pet Store


This last theme is a little more daring, with many colors and images, with which you can capture the user’s attention quickly. It has a design that can be easily used by businesses related to pets, accessories and food, but it can also be useful for businesses related to clothing, fashion and cosmetics.

It has an integrated translation tool and a wide variety of customizable colors that allow you to bring your website to life and easily adapt to any device.

You can take a look at and download it here.

Closing ideas!

As you have seen, there is a great variety of themes to give a new touch to your business this year. The Clever Ecommerce team has enjoyed the aforementioned themes the most, and we are sure that you will not be disappointed with whichever you choose. However, we strongly recommend that you test the theme before installing and customizing it to make sure it fits your business needs.

I hope this will help you and if you have any other suggestions about Presashop themes that have not been included, we are all ears!


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Carlos is our digital #marketing intern at Clever Ecommerce. Passionate about advertising and communication, he is taking his first steps into the world of digital marketing and strategy. Carlos is a fan of reading, Star Wars and everything that has to do with “nerd” culture. Feel free to contact him if you want to talk about any of his posts or the original Star Wars saga. May the force be with you!

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