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What a PPC Software should do?


If you ever have created Google Ads campaigns manually, you will know how frustrating and time consuming the process can be. Creating all the campaigns, the ad groups, the products ads, the banners… and imagine if you have 30 categories and 1,000 products. This can be one of the main reasons why sometimes people don’t do Google Ads or cannot get the maximum ROI from the platform.And it’s a pity because Google Ads can bring you a lot of benefits. If you want to know more, check out our post about why you should have a paid advertising strategy. So, you not only need to know how to advertise on Google but also spend a lot of time creating the campaigns and the ads one by one. Maybe use a PPC software?

But now it’s different, with PPC automation software everything is much easier. You can build your campaigns and ads almost effortlessly. No need of creating manually again step by step and product by product, wasting a huge amount of time. 

What does Clever Ecommerce PPC software do?

Clever ecommerce first developed its software in 2014 and has been improving it since then, always based on the needings of the users (we take the feedback very serious!)

Our software is one of the most advanced PPC software programs of the world, trusted by over 69,000 ecommerce owners.

Let’s take a deep look of what is our PPC software capable to do!

ppc software

Keywords generation

Get the best keywords for your campaigns by having your products name as a reference. Generate keywords for each of your products!


We set up your remarketing campaigns by adding the codes, setting the remarketing list and creating the banners with your products pictures.

Implementation of the pixels

Our software can easily implement the pixels for your shop, no more coding!

Banners and HTML5 banners

We use your categories pictures to create banners that you will be able to use on Google Ads or wherever you want because we will also send them to your email so that you can have it always available.

Shopping feed automatization

You will have your Shopping feed automatically created with your products and meeting all the Google’s requirements.

Dynamic Remarketing

Our software will help you connect your Google Ads with your Google Merchant account. Setting up the dynamic remarketing campaigns in the process.

Product updates and campaigns refreshes

Did you add more products to your store? It’s ok, our software can update your new products and refresh the campaigns effortlessly.

Advanced Shopping campaigns

As same as Dynamic Remarketing, we will help you link your Google Merchant with your Google Ads account and create Smart Google Shopping campaigns.

Multilingual campaigns

Are you interested in selling in other countries? That’s ok! With Clever Ecommerce’s technology you will be able to create campaigns in other languages quickly and easily. Our software will surely help you expand your brand all over the world!

Seasonal campaigns

Be prepared for the holiday season (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas…) With our app, you will be able to create specific campaigns and start selling more easily!

As you can see, PPC software is really useful for making Google Ads or optimizing the current campaigns. It can help you save a huge amount of time and make you able to spend more time on other important things for your ecommerce. Google Ads is a really powerful tool that can take your sales one step further and we don’t recommend skipping it.

If you have decided to start your Google Ads campaigns, we definitely recommend you to take a look to our post of 5 things you need to know before paying for online traffic.


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