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Clever ecommerce Blog is a friendly space, which revolves around the tools and knowledge you need to help you with Google Ads campaigns for your online business. Learn how to create and manage your Google Ads campaigns for your ecommerce… And so much more!


Google Shopping

Complete Guide to Google Shopping Ads

Everything about Google Shopping Ads for online stores Hi! We have a question! Have you already used Google Shopping Ads for advertising your products? You should be aware that Shopping Campaigns work great for ecommerce companies! If you haven’t used them yet or think you can still take more advantage of your Shopping campaigns, you […]

paying for online traffic

5 things you need to know before paying for online traffic

Make the most out of your Paid Traffic    Before starting paid traffic campaigns, there are many things you should take into account. Paid traffic is not something you should start if you won’t have the time to take care of it.  You can easily get ready for paid advertising by preparing yourself. Make sure […]

awords keywords

7 ways to choose the best keywords for your Adwords Campaigns

Effectively utilizing keywords = increase your ecommerce sales   Keywords are the groundwork of any Adwords campaign, and if incorrectly selected, they will not be beneficial to your company. Here are the steps you should take when selecting your Google Adwords keywords. Read here to learn more about Google Ads for ecommerce. #1 Decide what […]

bigcommerce vs magento

Why choosing BigCommerce vs Magento?

BigCommerce vs Magento   Picking the right ecommerce platform is essential. Choosing a platform that doesn’t fit your business could be the end of it before even starting. You should choose your platform wisely and how to leverage it for offering your customers the experience they demand. That’s why today we will evaluate BigCommerce vs […]

ecommerce store

Strategies to Enhance your Ecommerce Store

Strategies to Improve your Workplace & Promote your Store Success   Wondering how to shake up your office? Looking for ways to improve your ecommerce marketing strategies? Take a look at some proven methods to enhance your office culture and your marketing strategies for your ecommerce!   Ecommerce Store Tip #1 Goals and Objectives Speak […]

get ready your campaigns

Google Ads: campaings by Clever ecommerce

Create and manage your Google Ads campaigns easily and fast With just 5 simple steps your campaigns will be on the Adwords search network, thanks to the technology of Clever. No work from your side.  We will upload all campaigns for you. Try now to create and optimize your Google Ads campaigns with Clever ecommerce! Google […]

paid traffic strategy

Why do you need a Paid Advertising Strategy?

One of our biggest challenges as digital marketers is traffic   How can we easily and affordably get people’s attention, push them to our websites, and convert them to subscribers and customers? The secret is digital advertising. And if you understand how to make it work, it can give you full control over your traffic […]

seo vs sem

See why SEM might be best for you!

SEO VS SEM   While both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can drastically improve your visibility within search engines, one may be more beneficial to you than the other. Below we will give you some background on both and show you why SEM may be the best option for your company. […]


Google Ads by Clever ecommerceand FavSEO – Better Together!

Fav SEO app as your New Winning SEO Keyword Tool Working your PPC strategies is always necessary, but it always works better when your page’s SEO is optimized. That’s why Google Ads by Clever ecommerce and the best SEO app / keyword tool, FavSEO, work better together. PPC Strategy = Pay per click advertising, is […]

Clever ecommerce blog is a Friendly Space!

Clever ecommerce blog is a friendly space, which revolves around the tools and knowledge you need to help you with Google Ads campaigns for your online business. Learn how to create and manage your Google Ads campaigns for your ecommerce… And so much more!

We will not only talk about Google Ads, we want to help you boost your marketing strategy with the powerful Clever technology, and all our knowledge and expertise. We are advocates of automation with machine learning, with the guarantee of a Premier Google Partner. You can check it out at, but as we said, in this category of the blog you will find from tutorials, tips and tricks about ecommerce, to everything related to google ads campaigns for your online store and your ecommerce blog. Marketing tips, social media, SEO, SEM… You will find it all in our ecommerce blog! 

We will talk in an open space (feel free to give us your opinion!) about all the possibilities offered by our integrations in collaboration with Google search, display, remarketing and shopping ads. Learn how to set up our application (Clever Google Ads) and start driving leads to your online store, easily and as quickly as possible. We promise we’ll be there every step of the way to help you do it, whether it’s with our articles or if you need our direct help… You can always write to us! Read our articles and learn how to save time (and money, why not?) to focus on the growth and development of your online business, paying attention to what’s important and learning more every day about Google Ads, SEO, SEM, and paid traffic, as well as about our team and our tools, promotions and events. Your Marketing Strategy, always following trends.

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