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Discover de 2 new Prestashop features for your ecommerce customization!


New essential features allow to perfect the themes developed by the PrestaShop team.

Completely adaptable and with a customizable design studied according to current trends in ecommerce,

PrestaShop has developed three themes for all stores 1.7.

In addition, it has incorporated two features that you will love:

The configurator

Modify the settings from the front-office of the store to meet the needs of your customers.

Color editor included to adapt the graphic theme to the colors of the stores.

Editor of action buttons included to adapt its shape to the tastes of your clients (fill color or contours, square or rounded tips, etc.).

The customizable homepage carousel

Choose everything you want: set width or full screen, still image or image sequence, height and customizable display time.

A great way to respond to your customers’ expectations and make your work easier every day!

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And now that You know about the new features and our app… How about to know more about Prestashop customization? Or maybe the thing that you need is some apps for enhance your BigCommerce PrestaShop.

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