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Google AdWords by Clever ecommerce: Your success is ours


The Clever AdWords team recently hit the streets to interview some of our most successful clients and hear about their success stories. One of our long term friends, clients, and colleagues was eager to share her experience with Clever ecommerce and how our efforts helped to transform her business. Rebeca started selling compressed cotton wipes online in the year 2017. She didn’t start her business with the goal of spending more than 5 hours per week creating and optimizing keywords, banners or ads. In fact, having no prior knowledge about Google Adss, the idea never even crossed her mind. What she wanted to do was to make a difference with her luxury wipes.


“What I enjoy doing most is creating a sensible, and safe product for my customers. Napoki gives me the opportunity to satisfy my customers while having fun!”


After doing some online research she discovered Google Ads and decided to try to use it as a tool to reach a wider audience. She took the liberty to start her own Google Ads campaign with little knowledge and no previous experience.


“When I first thought about advertising my products online, I tried both Facebook and Google Ads. I thought it wouldn’t be that difficult. Both platforms brought me a lot of traffic but I was barely making conversions. My advertising spending was much higher than my benefits.”


Use Google Ads

napokiDoes this sound familiar to you? Most ecommerce owners starting a Google Ads strategy, give up within the first few months. When using Google Ads your money is at stake, and there’s no fun in wasting it. Google Ads is a really competitive platform, therefore experience and a deep understanding about how it works is essential in maintaining a healthy ROI.


“I had to make a decision. Some friends of mine recommended me to Clever ecommerce. They were having good results, so I decided to give it a try.”


Rebeca was spending up to $500 per month with a really low ROI. Her product is really specific and she was trying to reach more people by using generic keywords. These keywords brought her a lot of traffic, but were also really expensive. It also goes without saying that the traffic brought by these generic keywords was really low quality.

“I made two or three conversions per month. All my products cost less than $30 and my spend was way higher. As you can imagine I was really disappointed with my results and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.”


Solving problems!

When she reached out to us at Clever AdWords for ecommerce and told us her problem. We checked her campaigns and realized what was happening. We then created new search displays, remarketing and shopping campaigns for her products. This time we set a high amount of long-tail keywords. These keywords would bring her less traffic, but would also be cheaper and much more effective.  She started with a daily budget of $15 per day, as her confidence in Google Ads at that point was really low. After three months she was spending around $450 per month, making up to 87 conversions per month.

“Clever AdWords ecommerce automatically boosted my conversions. I started making profit since the beginning. They also gave me some tips on how to improve my site, that in combination with the quality traffic they brought me was my formula to success.”


After huge success, Rebeca was more confident and doubled her daily budget. She also became a Premiummember and benefited from manual optimization, dynamic remarketing and a lot of extra features. This way she increased the number of clicks per day, multiplying her sales yet again. She reached almost 200 sales per month!


Clever Ads -napoki napkins“I decided I wanted to invest more in Google Ads in order to make the most of my experience. I also decided to become a Premium user as I wanted more personal support as well as a higher level of customization for my campaigns.”

Since Rebeca became Premium, we’ve made a live chat available for her and we talk a few times a week. We personalized her banners, create promotional campaigns, display dynamic remarketing campaigns and control everything from her dashboard. We also send her weekly reports with her campaigns’ performance. In the end we became sort of her partner in crime. And we are extremely happy that we’ve helped her reach her sales goals!


“Since teaming with Clever Ads for ecommerce my sales have skyrocketed and my confidence in my product has grown. I would recommend Clever ecommerce to anyone considering starting a CleverAds campaigns at Google Ads.”


Your success is ours. Literally.


  • Google Ads Campaign: an ad campaign within a Google Ads account. Usually consisting of several ad groups with the effort of generating traffic and increasing impressions. Do Clever Adwords campaigns!
  • Traffic: amount of visitors and interactions on/with your site.
  • Conversions: traffic that has turned into a sale.
  • ROI: return on investment- how much profit is being brought in relative to cost.
  • Keywords: words/phrases describing your product that are chosen to help determine when and where your ad can appear.
  • Long-tail Keywords: longer and more specific keyword phrases.
  • Dynamic Remarketing: ads specially tailored to past visitors of your website catered to their experience.
  • Clicks Per Day: amount of times per day your ads actually get clicked on directing a visitor to your site/link.
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