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Mother’s Day Marketing – Ideas for your Campaigns

If you are an ecommerce owner, you should definitely keep Mother’s Day on your calendar for 2021. With this US and international event coming right up around the corner, you need to start prepping now! Remember, it is NEVER too late to whip up a marketing campaign even though your Google Ads campaigns may not perform as much as you wish they would. (But remember, Father’s Day is in June across the US if you have more masculine products).

Here from Clever ecommerce, we would like to share some National Retail Federation’s statistics that we would like to share with all our ecommerce owners out there:

People are expected to spend a whopping $16 more on their mommies this year than last year, hovering around $220USD.

The THREE huge things you’ve really gotta focus on:

  • Greeting cards due to the current situation in the world
  • Special outings – like BBQs!
  • Flowers – super easy to incorporate into your brand!

59% of consumers are planning to help cheer up mom’s day by gifting her with some kind of jewelry or accessory while 28% plan on getting her the perfect digital gadget.

1 out of 3 people (roughly 34%) plan on buying their Mother’s Day gifts online! It is a great time to decorate your online storefront with flowers now! Sell, sell, sell!

Almost one quarter (23%) plan on getting their Mother’s Day gift from a small business, let’s try to make that number even higher!

83% of U.S. adults are expected to celebrate this holiday!

Clever Tip: Try making it easier for customers who want social distance to send mom gifts directly to her address! Make sure to advertise this as customers find it clever! No pun intended – ha!

After reading about these interesting numbers, you will have to start planning your mother’s day marketing strategy for your potential customers as soon as possible!  

Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

Need some help or inspiration? 


Mother's Day Marketing


Start by making a collection of your products you are offering and you think would make a perfect gift for mothers

For example “Perfect gift for mothers who love traveling”, “Perfect gifts for mothers who love cooking” etc. This way, you will make the process of deciding what to give away for your customers even more simple and easy. 

Discounts and coupons

Offer a discount by creating an exclusive Mother’s day coupon. Make sure to make the code festive using the word “mom” and this is a great brand awareness tactic! Include your brand name or slogan to get some attention!

Run a contest or a giveaway! People love giveaways! So make sure to take advantage of #MothersDay2021 if you have a high social media presence!

Do you have a blog section on your website?

Provide value with information that your customers can really use – make it about the community you live in or perhaps, teach them something they can do via a Zoom call with mom like a fun activity. It doesn’t just have to be about your brand! 

Use video in order to catch your potential customers’ attention

According to “Think with Google”, top videos on YouTube around this date last year, included DIY gifts and gifts challenges. Now you know an extra way to inspire your potential clients!

  • 35% of Mother-s Day related searches were on YouTube for Mother’s Day. (Source: Think with Google)
  • >60% of shoppers say online video has given them ideas or inspiration for their purchase. (Source: Think with Google)

For more information you can take a look at the complete Mother’s Day Retailers’ Guide here.

CPC Campaigns

Now is the time to talk about the most important and crucial part of your mother’s day marketing campaigns: CPC campaigns!

Make sure you invest on Google Shopping campaigns

Shopping campaigns are using photos of your products and appear on Google Search results when someone is looking for things relevant to your keywords. It remains the best and most effective way to attract online shopper’s attention to what you are selling. Here are some tips on improving your Google Shopping campaigns:

Create relevant landing pages for your Google Ads campaigns

This will help you improve the quality score of your ads.

Target your past site visitors!

Use remarketing lists in order to show ads to people who have already visited your site and already know your brand.

Also use similar audiences in order to identify customers with similar characteristics to your clients. It’s the perfect strategy for identifying new customers.

Here from Clever ecommerce, we wish you nothing but success and lots of hugs and kisses from Mom this Mother’s Day!


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Isaiah Voss is an Account Manager at Clever ecommerce and quickly types away behind his computer screen while sipping on coffee. A bit of a nerd when it comes to analyzing data, he ensures that readers receive the most current and relevant content. Je enjoys engaging with readers' questions to further explore their inquiries. 🤙

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