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Mother’s Day Marketing – Ideas for your Campaigns


If you are an ecommerce owner, you should know the importance of key holidays, special days and celebration and the big impact they have on your sales. Mother’s day is around the corner and you should get ready and have your Mother’s Day Marketing strategy ready!

If you are still not convinced on how important mother’s day is, we will make it easier for you by providing you the following results from the National Retail Federation big survey. To get started, 2020 is expected to be the highest consumer spending up today.


“Mother’s Day spending has been growing consistently over the past several years, and this year’s spending is expected to be the highest in the 16-year history of our survey.” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay

Some relevant Data…

  • 87% of US adults are expected to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. 
  • The spending on this celebration is expected to reach a record of $25 billion (the spend in 2018, was $23.1 billion)
  • 44% of those celebrating cited finding something unique as the most important factor when choosing a gift. 
  • 39% said that according to them the most important factor while they were choosing a gift for Mother’s Day is to create a special memory. 
  • 81% indicated that they will look to retailers for gifting inspiration.

(Source: NRF’s Annual 2019 Mother’s Day Spending Survey, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics)

As the results are showing, consumers are quite excited to celebrate their mothers and women of their lives on this specific date whereas for retail owners this is the perfect chance to stand out from their competitors and inspire their audience with unique gift ideas. Apart from that, don’t forget the importance of gaining new loyal customers who will keep coming back to your store in the future. Key dates such as mother’s day are crucial for your business profit and for giving value to your clients. You should also know that people are not only buying gifts for their mothers but also for wives, daughters, etc. For that reason, don’t forget to mention those types of moms in your mother’s day marketing activities. Here is an overlook of to whom people are choosing to give gifts on this day:

  • Mother or Stepmother – 63%
  • Wife – 23%
  • Daughter – 10%
  • Sister – 9%
  • Other relatives – 9%
  • Grandmother – 7%
  • Friend – 6%
  • Godmother – 2%

Additionally, check out this useful and insightful board we have created with the National Retail Federation data about regarding what consumers plan to purchase on Mother’s Day:


mothers day infographic 2020


After reading about these interesting numbers, you will have to start planning your mother’s day marketing strategy for your potential customers as soon as possible!  

Mother’s Day marketing ideas

Need some help or inspiration? Keep reading! We have gathered some ideas for helping your business stand out this specific day.


Start by making a collection of your products you are offering and you think would make a perfect gift for mothers

If you wish to make your mother’s day marketing strategy even more sophisticated, make sure to create different gift guides for some different profiles of moms. For example “Perfect gift for mothers who love traveling”, “Perfect gifts for mothers who love cooking” etc. This way, you will make the process of deciding what to give away for your clients even more simple and easy. It’s true that a lot of people are struggling when it’s time to choose gifts for their favorite persons, for that reason, make sure you make their life easier by offering product bundles and by giving them nice ideas for unique gift choices!

Target your past clients with an email mother’s days marketing campaign

Clients are more likely to trust a brand that they already are familiar with. Prepare a catchy email in order to grab the attention of the recipients by offering them a discount for coming back to your store for mother’s day gift shopping. Subject lines are crucially important for the success of your email marketing campaign. Need some extra help with that? Check out here 10 creative ideas to engage your audience and make the difference in Mother’s Day.

Who doesn’t love discounts, coupons and promotional offers?

Offer a discount by creating an exclusive Mother’s day coupon. Is there any better way to attract clients to your store and convince them while they have countless options? I don’t think so!

Social media should be your best friend during your effort for standing out among competitors during this key date and for promoting your brand for mother’s day.

Generate and share content relevant to this day, create a trend with a hashtag and most important: Run a contest or a giveaway! People love giveaways and free stuff. It’s the best way to attract people’s attention and to stay on the top of their minds while you can also raise awareness and gain new email subscribers.

Make sure to create a special section on your site for Mother’s day and decorate your website accordingly

People don’t have plenty of time to spend looking for a gift on websites where is hard to find the products they are looking for. Make their life easier by creating a special section where you can add all the offers and special deals on Mother’s day gifts. Make sure to highlight this section in your website by adding a relevant banner on your homepage.

Do you have a blog section on your website?

This is a good opportunity to offer relevant and valuable content based on mother’s day without focusing on selling however. You can provide value with non-salesy content post about the origin of this special celebration day, about all time classic favorite mother recipes or dessert ides in order to please your mom on this special date. By doing so, you will achieve to engage and offer value to those clients which are not necessarily interested in buying something from your store, however, you will have achieved to make your brand known.

Use video in order to catch your potential customers’ attention

According to “Think with Google”, on YouTube channel, top videos around this date last year, included DIY gifts and gifts challenges. Now you know an extra way to inspire your potential clients!

    • 35% of Mother-s Day related searches were on YouTube for Mother’s Day. (Source: Think with Google)
    • >60% of shoppers say online video has given them ideas or inspiration for their purchase. (Source: Think with Google)

For more information you can take a look at the complete Mother’s Day Retailers’ Guide here.

CPC Campaigns

Now is the time to talk about the most important and crucial part of your mother’s day marketing campaigns: CPC campaigns!

Make sure you invest on Google Shopping campaigns

Shopping campaigns are using photos of your products and appear on Google Search results when someone is looking for things relevant to your keywords. It remains the best and most effective way to attract online shopper’s attention on what you are selling. Here are some tips on improving your Google Shopping campaigns:

Use white background and professional photos of the products you are advertising

Your product’s image is the first impression you give. Should be 100% professional and neat!

Conduct a keyword analysis in order to detect all the relevant and the most searched keywords around this day

Choose the keywords which correspond to your business better and use them as much as you can in your ads’ title and description. Use Google Trends to help you with your keyword analysis. According to “Think with Google”, top queries made around Mother’s Day are about getting more information, quotes, songs and pictures. Make sure to reflect these on your campaigns’ keywords.

Create relevant landing pages for your Google Ads campaigns

This will help you improve the quality score of your ads.

Don’t neglect the power of tablets and smartphones!

Set device bid adjustments for your mother’s day Google Ads campaigns. We have already access to plenty of data which show that almost half of the search regarding Mother’s day are made on mobile devices. For that reason, make sure your ads are bidding for mobile results as well as desktop. Also, make sure your sure is mobile friendly for not experiencing high bounce rates from people who get frustrated navigating sites which aren’t responsive from their mobile devices.

Target your past site visitors!

Use remarketing lists in order to show ads to people who have already visited your site and already know your brand. It’s the perfect chance to re-engage with them.

Also use similar audiences in order to identify customers with similar characteristics to your clients. It’s the perfect strategy for identifying new customers.


Additionally, you might want to check 5 holiday ecommerce marketing campaigns you need to do in 2020. You can use the ultimate retail calendar we have created for you asa useful tool to run fun promotions and connect with your audience.

Let’s wrap it up! Mother’s Day is around the corner and you should defienetly do something about it! Get creative, inspirational and target wisely! It’s the perfect opportunity for increasing your business’ profit and value! Googd luck with Mother’s Day marketing efforts!

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