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Who are we? Who forms the Clever Team?


Clever ecommerce is a a lot of persons, the Clever team is composed of young, cool, absolutely awesome people! We would like to introduce our Clever team members.




clever ecommerce manuel


CEO or Beloved Leader 
Job Description:  Financial and business administration. Commercial and strategic management. Summary: He is the boss!

Passion: He loves good food and wine, and, in the other hand, Traveling and music, although with three kids, he says tha his real passion is to lay down and do… Nothing!



clever ecommerce fernando


COO – Chief Operation Officer

Job description: Data Science Director. Trying to automate and incorporate Machine Learning everywhere at Clever.

Passion:  He likes rollerblading, sports like padel and, who not, traveling, although this last point has been replaced by changing diapers lately. Be patient Fer!



clever ecommerce rodrigoRodrigo

CTO – Chief Technology Officer

Job description: He is the person who find new Clever Challenges, and the responsible to make them happen!

Passion:  A total Xiaomi freak, he loves scuba, play football and frly drons. Watch out your head at the office!



Google AdWords Account Managers


Jose María Cabello

José María

COO – Chief Operating Officer

Job description: He is the responsible of helping our app users to get more bang for their buck so… Complains to him! (it is a joke)

Passion: He is a cooker, a runner, and he loves traveling and watching football on TV ⚽️



clever ecommerce carlosCarlos

Job description:  A great account manager who helps clients to create their Google Ads account and solve any doubt They have.

Passion:  He likes music, of course eating around the world, cooking and learning recipes to practice them later at home.




clever ecommerce David


Job description: His work it is also to help the clients to create their Google Ads campaigns and solving their inquiries and problems.

Passion: You will see him always listening music. He loves han out with his friends, and have a cold beer while they talk about anything (cheers David!)





clever ecommerce

José Ignacio

Job description: He says that assuring code is beautiful (but I don’t know if believe him!). Telling everybody to correctly name variables, methods, classes or any other artifact make his life. He automate the process of generating the Google Ads Banners.

Passion:  Beat anybody at any sport. Become the master of the light



clever ecommerce edgar


Job description: Write software. Report bugs and errors except mine of course!

Passion: Playing sports






clever ecommerce carlos


CTO – Chief Technology Officer or “Patrón del Sur”

Job description: Manager of the development team, analyst, designer and full-stack developer. Making ideas happen.

Passion: Football, beach, innovation, motorbikes and having fun



clever ecommerce miki


Job description: Develop new tools that improve our customers experience, helping them to sell more!


Passion: Spend time with my friends, gigs, music festivals and cold beer



clever ecommerce MariaMaria

Job description:  Develop new user-facing features and ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs.

Passion: Traveling, discovering new music, spending quality time with my family, friends and my cat



clever ecommerce Guillermo


Job description: Develop new functionalities that help our team management and client experience.

Passion: Video games and new technologies.





clever ecommerce oussamaOussama

Job description: Prototype and design machine learning / data-driven approaches and work with development teams to ensure its integrity as part of a delivered solution replicable across many clients.

Passion: top speed motorcycles snooker / 8 pool, discovering the world, data science / Kaggle.






clever ecommerce xu haoXu Hao

Product Manager – Prestashop

Job description: Create and coordinate Marketing actions

Passion: Traveling, reading and playing guitar




clever ecommerce laura


Product Manager – BigCommerce

Job description: Finding some allies and partners. Participating in all the marketing projects as an active member of the marketing team. And sometimes creating and publishing the client’s Adwords Campaigns and supporting them in general.

Passion: Traveling, spending time with others, singing ? (unfortunately) and learning new things. Currently I’m trying to learn how to play the guitar.


clever ecommerce AngelikiAngeliki

Produc Manager – Slack

Job description: Managing social media channels of Clever ecommerce and creating content for the clever ecommerce blog. When necessary, i manage the google Adwords campaigns of our clients.

Passion: Traveling, exploring, camping, reading and making things look beautiful ❤️






So, that’s the Clever team! We share the passion and enthusiasm about our job and we are very happy to consist part of the team. Together we make the work happen! ??

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Madrid team

clever ecommerce

Malaga team



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