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Marketing Calendar: How to Prepare and Work with One

Marketing Department: a thousand tasks, organization, campaigns, actions, events, social media posts… How in the world do you organize all these tasks? With a good Marketing Calendar!

You have to plan on which dates and over what period of time the marketing tasks will be carried out. Important holidays should always be taken into account such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Black Friday… etc. and a well-designed calendar will help you ensure that your business/ecommerce implements an effective marketing campaign all year! 

What is a marketing calendar for?

A marketing calendar is a fundamental instrument for marketing in any business. It is a plan that details your specific marketing activities for next year (or the current year). It will identify exactly how your company or firm will communicate its message or sell its services and/or products to the target audience. This will organize how and when you plan to distribute the content, messages, services or products. Take into account that a Marketing Calendar is not the same that a Retail Calendar! You will need both of them!

marketing calendar

“Mandatory” elements of a marketing calendar

  • Title or name of the project, event or promotion.
  • The date you set.
  • The name and contact information of the people in charge of said project.
  • A list of the employees, contractors or people who will contribute to the project and the details that indicate what their duties will consist of.
  • Space to write notes on how effective the marketing campaign was and what needs to be improved. The possibility of adhering or including complementary reports and data is invaluable.

Main tips to design and plan a good Marketing Calendar

  • Invest time and resources to plan the calendar.
  • Reuse your marketing calendar for the following year.
  • Consider your budget.
  • Check your Annual Marketing Plan if you have it handy.
  • List your Marketing Strategies.
  • Keep in mind your target audience.

Make Your Draft

Locate a calendar or something you can use to make a draft. Before creating a more detailed marketing calendar, it will be good to have a device or notebook to jot down some notes and start outlining your ideas.

Seasonal Tips

  • Mark holidays, vacation time and days off of the team involved.
  • Download or prepare your own Retail Calendar. You have ours with all the key dates and the important events.
  • Research the traditional marketing cycles of your sector.
  • Think about the monthly themes of the traditional marketing cycle.

Monthly themes

  • January: New Year’s, resolutions, health, welfare and organization.
  • February: Valentine’s Day, Black Heritage Month.
  • March: spring gardening, St. Patrick’s Day, Women’s History Month.
  • April: Earth Day, diet, and wellbeing before summer.
  • May: Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day.
  • June: graduation season, Father’s Day, summer vacations.
  • July: summer, family gatherings, Fourth of July, outdoor cooking and entertainment.
  • August: back to school and end of summer.
  • September: back to school, organization, sporting events and parenthood.
  • October: autumn activities, Halloween, Fight Against Cancer month and political campaigns.
  • November: Thanksgiving Day, shopping before Christmas.
  • December: Christmas promotions and end of year sales.

Last tips and… that’s a wrap!

  • Prepare Marketing Events based on monthly themes.
  • Think about special Marketing Opportunities for each quarter.
  • Choose a format for your calendar.
  • Choose a person responsible for overseeing the marketing calendar.
  • Be flexible and make the necessary changes.
  • One of the essential components of the marketing calendar is a record of the results.


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