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Tips to help your ecommerce take advantage of the summer holiday season

As many American families gear up for the Fourth of July, businesses are forced to offer promotions in order to keep up with the competition. With parades, cookouts, picnics, and fireworks; everyone is in good spirits and it’s the perfect time to make your ecommerce sales explode. Make your ecommerce sales boom for the 4th of July with these helpful tips:

#1 Promote in advance

Don’t just let your big sale fall on July 4th, but rather a week before and even a week after. This way, customers will be more enticed to look at your products and they won’t feel rushed into buying something if they only have one day to do so. Also, as people try to prepare for this special holiday, they will appreciate promotions that are offered in advance.

#2 Know (and target) your audience

If you only sell in Europe, is it smart to launch a 4th of July campaign? Probably not. Know who your target audience is and who will benefit most from your promotions. You can even use a play on words that pertains directly to the 4th of July such as “Buy 3 get the 4th free”, or “Red, White, and New”. This will entice customers to visit your page and also give them a sense of closeness, knowing that you are celebrating the same holiday.

#3 Launch an email campaign

With a significant gap between Christmas sales and 4th of July sales, some previous customers may have forgotten your company even exists. Remind them what they’re missing out on with an email that contains special 4th of July offers and discount codes. Additionally, feature some of your best products in the email to further drive customers to your store.

#4 Develop banner ads

Create an animated banner ad to grab potential customers’ attention. This could show fireworks, a flag, or even a cookout! Express your American pride while drawing customers in and making them curious about the products you offer. On this ad, you could also display a discount code that can be applied to your website. This will make customers feel right at home as they browse your store. And you can even create animated banners! 

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#5 Engage with your customers

Don’t just promote your ecommerce products, but promote your customers’ happiness and well-being as well. Propose tips on how to stay safe on the 4th, or offer up your favorite 4th of July recipes. If you are a smaller, local company, give suggestions for the best places to watch the fireworks. This will help you create a relationship with your customers and it will bring them closer to you and your store!    

Following these tips will help you run a successful summer campaign and you will be able to watch your sales firework!  


claire wiles


Claire graduated with a BSBA in Operations Management from The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business. She currently works as an Area Manager at Amazon and is a habitual collaborator in our blog. ❤️ #business #entrepreneur #management

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