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Learn how to make a perfect keyword research


Keywords are one of the best important things when designing your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy for your online store. If you manage to find the best keywords for your store and build all your actions around these keywords, you will get tons of free traffic and save a lot of money! Learn how to do a proper keyword research!

If you have an online store and you are wondering how to get the best keywords, this is the perfect article for you! Let’s discover 5 creative strategies to find profitable keywords for your business.

The strategies that we are going to be talking about on this post are:

  • Scan your website to find your current keywords.
  • Use “Google Keyword Planner”
  • Find out what people are asking and transform it into keywords.
  • Use External Keyword research tool: KWFinder
  • Use Google Trends.

When using this guide, pay special attention to the long tail keywords that you will be finding, these keywords are usually very specific to your online store and has a much higher conversion rate while the CPC (cost per click) remains low and affordable. Also, they are easy to rank in SEO because there are not many people generating content about it and you can be easily rank to the first page for that keyword. If you want more information about the long tail keywords, check our guide here.

Scan your website to find your current keywords

You should start with scanning your own website in order to find the current keywords that your website is ranking for. The best tool for this and the one we highly recommend you to use is SEMrush. Just insert your shop’s URL and it will show you all the current keywords that your website has.

Check the keywords that are working well and try to find the related keywords of the main keyword. Let’s see an example:

  • After scanning our site on SEMrush we got this keyword reporting:


organic search positions


We can see that we are ranking on the first page of Google for keywords such as: “Benefits of Google Shopping” or “Best Prestashop Modules”

  • If we want to make a push on “Google Shopping” subject ranking, we can check related keywords.


keyword planner


  • Once we got these related keywords, we can use them as ideas to generate new content to rank for!

Use “Google Keyword Planner”.

This is a powerful tool to help you with the keyword researching that you will have to use for sure. For accessing to this tool, all you have to do is to log into your Google Ads account and click on “Tools” (the one with the spanner icon). Then just click on “Keyword Planner” on the section of “Planning”. We are looking for new keywords, so let’s click on “Find new keywords” section. We can paste our shop’s URL to get keywords recommendations, let’s see what happens if we paste our site link


analytics graphics


As we can see, Google Keyword planner is making us suggestions of possible keywords with the average monthly searches that we can use for our ecommerce (for our SEO and SEM strategies) If we click on them, we can automatically add them to our campaigns.

Use “KWFinder”

KWFinder is a really powerful paid tool that can give us a lot of information of how hard or easy is to rank for a keyword. This way we can optimize our time and go for the keywords that are easy and profitable to rank for. Let’s have a look of how does it work:


keyword research


When using the search bar, don’t forget to select which country and language you are targeting, otherwise the data won’t be useful. Imagine that we have an online pet shop in the United States and we want to rank for “cat collars” keyword, let’s see how KWFinder can help us with it:


google keyword planner


We can see that our main keyword has a difficulty of 41 to rank for, which is not bad. We recommend you to check all the related keywords that appear below and see if they can useful for us. If we sort by keyword difficulty, we find that “cat harness” is a really good keyword to go for, with a difficulty of 39/100 and a cost per click of 0.57, so if we are selling this kind of products at our pet store, we should definitely add this keyword to our keyword research. With KWFinder, not only we will get the SEO difficulty but also the interest over time graphic that will show us how the trendy has been that keyword. KwFinder will also show us the Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) so that we can see who are our competitors for each keyword.


keyword planner


As we can see, KWFinder is really useful for helping you to make a keyword research plan. We definitely recommend you to use it!

Find out what people are asking and transform it into keywords.

Internet is often used to ask and answer questions, if you can discover an often-asked question and you create content solving it, you will rank for that keyword and every time someone search for that question in the internet, your website will appear on first page ready to help them! But how can we do this? Let’s see the tricks:

  • Use pages such as “Quora” where people can ask questions related. Just put on the search bar they keyword that you want to generate content for and you will get all the questions that people have asked regarding that keyword. Let’s see what we get if we write cat collars.




  • Use pages such as “Answer the Public”, where you can introduce the keyword you want to use and you will get back the most asked questions regarding to the keyword.


google word


  • The third method is the simplest one, use the search bar of Google! If we want to get trendy questions regarding “cat collars”, all we have to do is to “play” with the search bar by adding prepositions to the keyword.


google bargoogle bar 2google bar 3



Use “Google Trends” tool

Google Trends” is a really useful tool that every ecommerce owner should know about and use. It can give us a lot of information of how a product works based on the interest of the people over the time. Google trends allows you to check the evolution of the searches during a period. This way you can see when does a keyword have a higher volume of searches. Let’s see an example with “cat collars”


google trends


As we can see, people show more interest on cat collars at the beginning and almost at the ending of the summer, thanks to this we can build our marketing strategy around this information!

Google Trends not only shows us the volume of searches but also sorts it by regions. For example, if we are doing Google Ads and we want to optimize the campaigns by segmenting the regions, using Google Trends will let us know which states of the USA have more interest on cat collars.


google trends tool


Google Trends also shows us the related keywords that are getting trendy. This is really useful to see how the market is evolving and which direction is taking, adapt or die!


kw researching


Let’s see another curious example of how useful this tool is, imagine that we are selling electric guitars, this is what we get when we write “electric guitars” on Google Trends and sort it by a period of last 5 years:


marketing strategy


As we can see, people only get interested on electric guitars when Christmas is coming for giving it as a present. With this information, design our marketing strategy around Christmas period, releasing new contents, discount codes, offers… just to attract the maximum number of potential customers.


In conclusion, a good keyword research is fundamental if we want to make our online shop to grow. Not only it will save us time by showing us which way we should take but also it will help us saving our marketing budget by bidding for the most profitable keywords (those with the lowest CPC, cost per click, and the highest volume of searches). We recommend you to do this even before deciding which products you are going to sell on you online store, by just taking a look to the monthly searches volume and the CPC (Cost Per Click) you will be able to check the amount of potential customers (monthly searches volume) and the amount of competitors (the higher the cost per click, the higher the amount of competitors)

Did you find this information useful? Do you have other strategies that we have not mentioned in this post? Don’t forget t share this post in your social media so that it can reach and help more people!

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