introduction to adwords

An introduction to AdWords for beginners


AdWords campaign types

Welcome to our Introduction to Adwords! When you start setting up your campaigns on AdWords, you will have to choose a campaign type and decide your campaigns goals. The type of campaign that you choose will determine where your potential client will see your ads; (on search results, on a banner, on YouTube etc). Whereas the campaign goal you set should be based on the action that you would like your audience to take (click on your ad, leave their email, visit your store etc).

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Campaign types:          

  • Search Network campaign
  • Display Network campaign
  • Shopping campaign
  • Video campaign
  • Universal App Campaign

Campaign goals:

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Website traffic
  • Product & Brand consideration
  • Brand awareness & Reach


What to measure?

If your main objective is to bring traffic to your store, then these are the main things you should measure:


  • CTR & Clicks → Measuring the clicks that your ad, ad group, campaign or keywords obtained, can lead to very useful insights. For instance, you can raise the bids to the keyword that seem to attract more people to your store and lower (or even eliminate) the ones that don’t seem to bring you traffic.


  • Keywords → Make sure you update your keyword lists frequently. As already mentioned above, you can remove the ones that seem to have very low CTR and focus on the best ones. For obtaining more insight regarding the quality of your keywords, you can run a keyword diagnosis and check their Quality Score.


  • Search terms →  You can use the Search term report for figuring out which search terms have triggered your ad. This report can help you find more terms which can drive more traffic to your store and add them to your list of keywords.


Choosing a marketing objective

Starting with your campaign you will need to select your marketing objective.


types of marketing objective


Deciding your AdWords budget

Figuring out how much to spend on your AdWords campaign can be challenging, we will agree on that. Make sure you devote some time on planning your strategy well. Read here for figuring out your starting budget on Google Ads.


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