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All you need to know about How to use Google Ads for Shopify

Are you running a Shopify ecommerce and struggling to get relevant traffic to your store? Do you want to learn how to get more traffic and sales using Google Ads with you Shopify store?

If done well, Google Ads can easily become one of your best sources of traffic and sales. Let’s check some general data of Google:

  • Google has an 88,47% market share.
  •  3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day.
  • 35% of product searches start on Google.
  • Google Shopping has demonstrated to be a very powerful tool to drive good traffic and good conversions.

Having seen this, what are you waiting for to start your Google Ads campaigns? Read this article and learn everything about it!

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Tips for using Google Ads for Shopify Advertising:

When talking about SEM, Google Ads is without any doubt, the best platform. Some of the main reasons why you should be using Google Ads are:

Google Ads will increase the traffic of your store and the sales

You will get an extra ton of traffic and sales by placing ads to people who are looking for products you are selling. We highly recommend you to make a keyword research in order to see what are the best keywords for your ecommerce. You should definitely aim for keywords that have a good number of monthly searches but the CPC still remains cheap. Once you have found these keywords, create campaigns and creative ads to start bidding for those keywords.

Google Ads will provide useful information about your users

Once you start running your Google Ads campaigns, you will get a lot of useful information about your clients. For example, you can try different headlines on your ads in order to see which one works better and what’s the message that your customer wants to see. Another example would be the related keywords, when someone clicks on your ad, you will have the option to see which was the keyword they searched to get to your ad.  This can help you realizing keywords with double meanings that are not working as you intended.

Total control of your budget, you are free to choose how much money you want to invest on Google Ads

Not only that but also you can choose to invest more or less money on a specific campaigns, ad groups or even certain keywords. We advise you to run multiple A/B Tests in order to see which campaigns, ad groups or keywords are performing better and increase the budget for them and lowering the budget for campaigns that are not performing that well.

While we can consider SEO as a long-term action

SEM can be considered a fast one with a short-term impact action. We advise you to start optimizing the SEO of your page and start running Google Ads at the same time. This way you can start getting traffic and sales while SEO is still in the process of becoming a source. Seize time, because time is money!

The different kind of Google Ads campaigns

Search, Display, Shopping & Remarketing will make you able to reach almost all the users of internet. As Google says, their Display network covers almost 90% of the internet users around the world. So, if you are lacking of traffic, Google Ads is definitely your best ally. We recommend you try using all types of campaigns, this way you can start testing and see which are the best campaigns for your ecommerce and in which you should put more efforts on.

As you can see, Google Ads is a tool that every ecommerce owner should use.

Not only it will bring you traffic and sales but also you will learn more and more about how to make, optimize and measure SEM actions, which is really important!

Don’t forget to check our Google Ads app for Shopify to get your Google Ads campaigns created fast and easily.


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