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A successful Black Friday:  The Key to a Successful Holiday Season


“It the most wonderful time of the year…” for your ecommerce business to capitalize on Holiday Sales! With the holiday season fast approaching it is important to profit from one of the biggest retail events of the year: Black Friday.

In 2017 people spend approximately $12.8 billion dollars over the course of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with $3.45 billion of those sales exclusively coming from Cyber Monday.

It is of the utmost importance that you gear up your ecommerce to get ready for this busy holiday season. Not sure how? Here are some helpful tips…

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Highlight your community outreach

First, it is important to understand the power and influence Black Friday can have on sales and on business. A common misconception about Black Friday is that it only promotes and attracts one-time customers.

In reality, if marketed correctly customer loyalty becomes a powerful tool created by Black Friday trends.

One way to do so is to market your business as a tool for helping the community. It is important to highlight your community outreach. Maybe you source your products from local farmers.

Maybe you sell handmade goods. Whatever it may be, people like shopping from companies they feel make a positive impact, thus it is important to market yourself as an ethical brand.

Another way to create customer loyalty is to keep your sales going past Black Friday. Maybe offer some type of deal for making a purchase on Black Friday to incentive customer return.


Give them a great deal

People like to feel “smart” when they shop.

Customers are constantly looking for confirmation that they got a good deal.

Thus it is important that your customers feel as though you gave them a great deal. Have them sign up for your email list at checkout, highlight the sale they made on their digital receipt, and maybe even offer discounted shipping. All of which are ways to ensure your customers feel well taken care of, and most importantly, smart.


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Offer convenience

Last year, over 154 million people participated in Black Friday shopping and of those millions of people 44% did so online. Those numbers are only predicted to increase this upcoming year.

People love the convenience of shopping at home and not having to push through the crazy holiday crowds, thus it is important that your ecommerce is setup for optimal convenience.

Make check out a quick and painless process, make sure your most popular items are “overstocked” so they don’t run out too quickly and make sure your website it secured and ready for an influx of visitors. People want to feel secure when they are making a purchase so make sure all the kinks in your website are worked out before the holidays come running along. Maybe it’s time to update your website and give it a look.

Out with the old and in with the new: people are attracted to fresh, clean and updated websites so it’s time to clean up your online store to make it as attractive as possible.


Create a promo tab

Another way to “dress up” your website for the upcoming Black Friday and holiday season is by creating a promo tab on your website.

This tab will be geared toward highlighting specific deals and promotions you will be offering during


buy online black friday sales


Black Friday and the holidays to get your viewers excited and most importantly ready to purchase. It also makes your website more engaging and visually appealing to users adding more to your aesthetic.


Start promoting your sales now

With Black Friday right around the corner it is important for you to start engaging your audience now. That’s right, I said now! Start promoting your online sales coming up for Black Friday by engaging your social media and sending out newsletters.

It is important to inform potential customers of the great and exciting promotions you have to offer for the holiday season. Get them excited and engaged!

Be creative, just telling them about your sales might not be enough to completely engage your audience. Create fun graphics and pop ups to catch your viewers attention.


Benefit from Google Ads

It’s time to increase your outreach, Google Ads is a great way to start increasing your business’ impressions. Not familiar with Google Ads or Ad campaigns in general? You’re in luck! There are many platforms you can use to start branding your company and bring attention to your upcoming sales.

One of these platform is Google Ads by Clever ecommerce! Clever does the work for you, it creates and optimizes your ad campaigns so you don’t have to. Clever is proven to increase your impressions and conversions leading to more successful business and campaigns.

Another advantage of Google Ads bt Clever ecommerce is its use of seasonal campaigns. This is perfect during the holiday season because Clever will literally make campaigns for you that promote your upcoming sales for Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and more!

One way Clever is able to optimize your campaigns for the holiday season is by implementing keywords relative to your upcoming sales and promotions.

Creating long-tail specific keywords geared toward highlighting your sales and promotions will help to your website to appear when relevant customers are searching for deals on their favorite products. Since it’s easy to get lost in the all the commotion of the holiday sales, you want your products to stand out and be available to the right customers at the right time. Thus creating long tail specific keywords for your products and website is the best way to ensure your products will be brought to relevant customers.

Install the app Clever Ads on your favourite platform.

If you want to advertise your store and products on Google, use this Google Ads PROMO CODE for saving money in your first Google Ads campaigns.

Ease the lines of customer communication

It’s hard to keep track of all this information while accommodating an influx of buyers thus it is of the utmost importance to remain organized during this holiday and Black Friday season.

  • It is important to keep spreadsheets with inventory, and data to keep on top of all of your orders and be able to fulfill your customers needs.
  • It is also important that all customer service lines of communication are kept open and available to answer any needs. This will help allow for optimal customer satisfaction.
  • Some helpful tools you can employ to help keep track of all of this information Trello and Zendesk. Trello aims to helps to combat foreseeable issues by organizing them into an easy to follow workflow pattern. Zendesk is utilized to help customer support issues and ease the lines of customer communication.


The fact is every Black Friday more and more people are shopping online to avoid the chaos of the in person shopping experience.

In 2017 the amount of online shopping on Black Friday increased by 16.9% and this statistic is only expected to continue to increase.

With this change geared toward shopping online, expectations for the online experience has grown and it is important that your ecommerce evolves with it.

Use this information to grow your ecommerce and prepare your business for this holiday season!

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Angeliki Zeaki is a product manager for our Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations. During her free time she enjoys making pottery, tasting exotic cheeses and wine, and can't go too long without spending time at a beach ❤️ #slack #microsoftteams #ecommerce #cleverads

  1. Customer Engagement holds the key for any online business . This becomes even more critical for impending mega sale event , like New Year Sale, Black Friday etc.Among various ways to entice customers to alluring deals is sending Push Notification or pop ups as rightly pointed above. We can send push notifications to customers well in advance( as we have options like scheduled notifications), about the products which are going to be on sale, discounts , and offers .This will not only help in promotion and create anticipation for the upcoming event but also builds brand value .If customers are notified in advance they can also make informed decision about the purchase and avoid any on the spot purchasing.

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