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How to Prepare Holiday Ads and Boost Your Ecommerce Sales!

‘Tis the holiday ads season. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just a few days away, it might be too late to run a successful Google Ads campaign for your online store. Don’t be a scrooge though – there is still time to roll out some ads that will win over those procrastinators out there. This is not over yet!

November 26: Black Friday

In order to fully understand how our campaigns should look and feel during the post-Black Friday rush, we have to understand what happens during Black Friday since our primary goal this far into the holiday sale frenzy is our holiday ads. If we understand who already bought their holiday gifts, we can see who’s left scrambling for those hot deals.

 2020’s Black Friday sales numbers:

  • Over 100 million people ended up snagging their Black Friday deals online.
  • A massive $9 billion was spent on Black Friday alone.
  • That’s a 22% surge year over year.

Source: Namogoo

Overall men are more likely to take the risk to wait out deals while women usually have a set plan (holiday shopping list, that is) and get the job done on or around Black Friday. Once Black Friday and Cyber Monday are said and done, the holiday sale craze slowly but surely decreases a bit. Yet, sales start to take an upward turn the week before Christmas. The sales peak after Black Friday is the week of the Christmas holiday. Unfortunately, Google does not disclose more specific information regarding specific times or locations for said demographics.

So, why should we care about what happens on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (generally speaking) if we’re planning our seasonal marketing campaign or holiday ads? We know that we should probably target men, focus on parts of the country beyond New England, and create a sense of urgency for those buyers that like to wait it out – turn them into cash!

  • Clever Tip: emphasize that you have the best deal to win over a skeptical or doubting  customer. “Time’s running out!” and “Hurry! Sale ends soon” are great  attention-grabbers. People that are shopping post-Black Friday want to see a better deal. Stress that your product is marked to its lowest price and won’t be available at a specific price for the rest of the season – this sense of urgency typically works.

Deck the Halls with Google Ads

And yes, you’re going to want to go all out and look “decked out” for this one.

Decorating your creativity or temporarily altering logo in ads give customers a sense of familiarity while it sets the festive mood. Try adding a stocking or incorporating red and green color schemes for Christmas. Perhaps blue and white for Hanukkah depending on the community you serve. Either way, always listen to customers and change your creativities appropriately. And by all means – if it isn’t looking too good – stop your ads!

Did you know? One in every 3 purchases made during the holiday season is an impulse buy according to Think with Google sources.

Jingle cells, jingle cells, jingle all the way

Cell phones are driving sales more and more. Rewards apps are increasingly popular – so much so that they’ve grown in demand by 90% over the past two years through Google searches.

Over 30% of consumers shop a retailer or brand they’ve never made a purchase with before when looking for the perfect per Google sources, so don’t think you can’t compete with bigger online retailers – because it’s been done before.

Gifts that are sold on smaller ecommerce sites such as Shopify and PrestaShop are typically more unique and more memorable than items that everyone’s putting on their wishlist. If you happen to be an ecommerce owner on one of these two platforms, we would be more than happy to be the magic elves found in your workshop this year by helping you build the perfect campaign – or toy.

Display and Shopping ads should be on top of your ecommerce’s holiday ads list since they both help you easily capture potential customers’ attention. Display ads are a perfect way of sharing the holiday spirit while Shopping ads can help fill Santa’s sleigh – and allow any ecommerce to supply the gifts under the Christmas tree this year instead of bigger companies dominating our winter wonderland.

Clever Tip: show off your products through a letter to Santa with customer reviews from your most in demand offerings.

Where to buy” not whom to buy for this year

Everyone is wondering what retailer will make their holiday wishes come true and they’re also wondering where the best sales will be. According to Think with Google, the following data is key to keep in mind while making successful marketing holiday campaigns:

  1. 86% of people that look for gifts after Christmas, find gifts via Search ads.
  2. Over half of consumers do research when they are looking for a specific product.
  3. Nearly two-thirds of presents purchased are planned, making the rest impulse buys.
  4. 57% of holiday shoppers want to see recommendations or suggestions before making a purchase.

People want to know they are getting the best deal; yet, they also want to know that the product they’re going to gift one has been enjoyed by others. Any ecommerce should definitely try to stick a review or photo of a customer enjoying the company’s product whether that be on their website, landing page, or ad – time for a little experimenting.

Wrapping up so they can unwrap those gifts

Customers are focused on products that friends and family asked for, so keeping an eye on the trending holiday gifts will also work in your favor. Evidently, Black Friday brings in a lot of traffic for those items, but going after the procrastinating crowd will make them feel pressured into making a purchase (finally) while hopefully helping you feel confident in your holiday ads endeavors this year.

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