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Have you planned your Halloween Marketing strategy already?

The spooky Halloween Day is getting closer! 68 percent of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year. (Source: NRF’s Annual 2019 Halloween Spending Survey, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics). It’s the perfect opportunity for your ecommerce to thrive! Whether you are looking for a chance to increase your sales, improve the engagement with your customers, or even work on your brand awareness, Halloween is the perfect holiday for you to succeed! However, do not neglect the importance of planning ahead a good marketing strategy. Keep reading for some useful tips for making your Halloween marketing strategy rock this year! Even if you don’t sell Halloween related products, it’s a perfect opportunity to catch your customer’s interest and attention.


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Halloween Marketing Ideas and Tips

#1 Spooky PPC campaigns

Use Google’s keywords planner to make a keyword research about Halloween and start adding them to your campaigns. Make sure your ads appear when customers are looking for products related to Halloween. Update your ad copies, titles, and descriptions with Halloween relevant keywords and catchy phrases. Don’t let this opportunity escape while optimizing your Halloween advertising campaigns!

#2 Make your website scary

Do you know how many websites per average a user visits daily? Well, I don’t have the exact answer to this question but I can assure you that it’s quite a big number! You surely have to make an effort in order to stay on the top of the mind and drive the attention of your potential customers. Make their visit to your website count! Decorate it smartly with frightening elements, create terrifying banners and pop-ups. You can change the font of the text on your website to spooky font pairings. Make sure you use these fonts only on headings and not in the whole text so that the user experience is still optimal.

#3 Social media profiles gone spooky

Some extra Halloween marketing ideas for raising awareness about your brand on social media: Decorate your profile pictures with Halloween elements, create spine-tingling banners, promote your Halloween relevant products, run contests and keep your followers engaged for this special date! Another interesting idea is to invite your team members to dress up in their scary costumes and make some spooky photos for posting on your social media profiles.

#4 Freebies & Discounts

Who doesn’t love Freebies? I personally do! Such a small c

ost for your company but such a big impact on customer’s perception. Promote your store’s freebies which you will be giving away with every purchase made on your website. This will give extra motivation to customers buying from your store. A seasonal discount will have the same result. A nice and creative Halloween marketing idea is to introduce a small game or hunt for your customers in order to find and unlock your special seasonal discount! Motivate them to spend time on your website!

#5 Spooky packaging

Package matters. It truly does. Another noteworthy way to grab your customer’s attention and make their purchase count is to invest in some seasonal packaging. Deliver your products during this time of the year wrapped in holiday theme paper or terrifying boxes. This will help you engage with customers and give them an extra incentive to come back to your store in the future.


Getting prepared for seasonal days if you are an ecommerce business has significant importance. If you don’t want to miss any opportunity for increasing your sales numbers and engaging with your customers, you will need to plan ahead. Create your own calendar with the most important dates for your business and plan your marketing actions ahead. Start your seasonal marketing with Halloween. Make sure to take a look at this useful infographic we prepared for you. 

Based on data from NRF’s Annual 2019 Halloween Spending Survey, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics.

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