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Have you planned your Halloween Marketing strategy already?

Pumpkin carving, sipping on cyder (or a pumpkin spice latte), and getting gut rot from too much candy – and tricker-or-treaters are right around the corner, quite literally. Even though 2020 has been a turbulent year, it doesn’t mean companies are out of luck when it comes to ghostly deals and ghoulish fun. In fact, Halloween advertising might be even easier.

Orange is the new black – and no, not the TV (but great costume idea)

Temporarily changing the background color of certain product images may make your online store seem more festive. Or even altering your profile picture on social media might give your brand just the right touch to get customers in the mood.

Got black text on your ecommerce site? Change it to orange for the month of October. When you switch colors on your page it reminds customers that October 31 is on its way and it shows them that your brand is also excited for everything from mummies to bats.

 Focus on costumes with a mask

Scream, pumpkin heads, or aliens might be the way to go to increase Halloween business revenue this year. Obviously if you sell Halloween costumes, your ecommerce or physical store will flourish (if you’re not online to sell, we can help you with that here).

Even if your store has nothing to do with Halloween costumes, by posting pictures of you and/or your team in costumes or simply a spooky mask on social media might do the trick. Then, treat your followers to a frightful deal.

Clever Tip: To ensure safety in your workspace and that of others, please recommend wearing a mask under a Halloween mask as they might not protect from the airborne spread of COVID-19.

Number 13 is good luck for an online store

Friday the Thirteenth is bad luck, but why not play with the number for your deals. Online stores could offer 13% off all products or select inventory as part of their Halloween marketing strategy. Perhaps offering 13% off an entire order and then “treating” paying customers to free shipping or a goodie bag filled with candy and samples of products (depending on your store, of course). Another Halloween marketing idea with this in mind is taking $13 off orders or shipping and handling costs.

Clever Tip: As per Google data, most people search for Halloween-related keywords during the second and third weeks of October. 

Digital customer costume parties

Note that this will only work if you have an active fan base on social media. If you don’t, feel free to skip this section. Invite social media users to a Zoom or Google Meet to talk about your products and then appoint a couple employees as digital judges to pick a few winners – be creative and think of multiple winning categories: scariest costume, best dressed, and best at using company colors to name a few. Offer discounts, free shipping, and free merchandise to your winners.

Clever Tip: Don’t miss out on this marketing opportunity, keep it centered around your products and company without losing sight of the Halloween spirit.

Trick-or-treat deals

Think about your products and deals that you could potentially offer to your customers for a moment.

Okay, now that you’ve given it some thought, how about creating a widget on your store’s website which gives customers a “trick” or a “treat” – a trick being a coupon and a treat being a complimentary goodie that will be included in their order. However, if creating all of that is digitally impossible for you and your company – don’t worry, you can easily create deals every day for a week while offering a “trick” or “treat” that are valid for 24 hours each by announcing them on your social media outlets.

Clever Tip: You don’t have to redesign your ecommerce site for Halloween; in fact, don’t do it. Changing your logo to include a ghost or pumpkin and including “trick-or-treat” deals should suffice. Your goal should be making Halloween feel authentic in the midst of a not so normal year.

Treat them with candy

Whether or not trick-or-treaters will be able to come to the door this year or not, candy is still flying off the shelves in the United States. If your company sells anything “sweet and spice and everything nice,” treat your customers to a little snack or include a couple miniature chocolate bars if your ecommerce does not sell food and drink products.

Even if your store implements one of the previously mentioned Halloween marketing ideas, you should experience an increase in sales. Remember that it’s best to stay true to your brand and not bend over backwards while making a Halloween advertising strategy. In fact, by solely changing your Google Ads could do the trick without barely touching your website and your social media profiles. And good news! We can treat with Google Ads campaigns. Happy Halloween!

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Isaiah Voss is an Account Manager at Clever ecommerce and quickly types away behind his computer screen while sipping on coffee. A bit of a nerd when it comes to analyzing data, he ensures that readers receive the most current and relevant content. Je enjoys engaging with readers' questions to further explore their inquiries. 🤙

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