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Discover our Free Google Ads Coupon and other Advantages

If you’re reading this it’s because you came for no other reason than picking up your free Google Ads coupon… Clever of you, because in this post you’ll discover why and how to apply it directly to your Google Ads campaigns.

In case you’re still not sure what a Google Ads coupon is, I’ll explain: when you create an account on this platform, Google provides you a free $120 courtesy discount to start advertising your website for free. This way, you can try Google Ads’ services to see if they work for you without spending a dollar on it.

Why would you use Google Ads?

As I like to view it, Google Ads campaigns are the showcase of your online business. Humans have been doing business for a while so they enjoy walking around the city to look for specific products they need–or just take a look at what’s being sold. Many times when the same product is offered by several businesses, the store which presents it better to the public absorbs the whole market, earning the maximum profit.

Nowadays, the Internet (mainly navigated with Google) is the “shopping street” where customers wonder and make their purchase decisions. Therefore, it’s extremely important that we build a consistent and attractive image of our company on Google. And that’s why Google Ads are such a useful resource: they create our business’s online presence.

If you want to know more about the benefits and functioning of Google Ads or create your business account, you can do it here.

Getting your Google Ads free coupon

Now that you understand why to use Google Ads, it’s time to discover how to get and apply your free coupon! These are the steps:

  1. Go to Clever Ads’ website and click on “Get my Google Ads promo”
  2. Enter your Google Ads account, and then you’ll receive the coupon code on your email in a few minutes.
  3. Activate your coupon:
    1. Log in to your Google Ads’ account.
    2. Click on “Tools”, and then select “Billing and payments”.
    3. In the menu on the left select “Settings”. 
    4. Click on “Manage promotional codes”. 
    5. Enter the promotional code (you have it on the email we sent you).
    6. Click on “Save”. 
  4. Voilá! You already finished with it. Now you just need to wait a few days for Google to confirm the activation of your coupon. Don’t be impatient, good things worth waiting for!

It’s indispensable that you comply with the terms and conditions requested by Google in order to receive your $120 free coupon. Make sure you do before requesting your coupon!

Also be aware that these Google Ads’ coupons have an expiration date: they usually must be used within 2-4 weeks after the coupon is confirmed.

Now what?

From here on out, you can make use of free powerful tools that will make the creation of your ad campaigns a really easy and effective process. Here I’ve left you the ones that I consider essential for a good campaign:

  • Free Google Ads Campaign Creator: to easily and fastly create all types of ads for your website. 
  • Free Google Ads Audit: to analyze the performance of your ads campaigns and get tips on how to optimize them, minimizing your budget and maximizing their effectiveness.
  • Free Google Keyword Planner: to discover how your company is being reached on Google by your visitors.
  • Free Banner Creator: to create banners for your display campaigns manually or automatically.

Remember, your Google Ads campaigns are the showcase of your online business! Make the most of them!


Lucia Rodriguez


Luci studied journalism, but soon realized that what she truly loves is writing content and SEO. Cat mom and burger lover, Luci is the SEO and Content Manager at Clever ecommerce and Clever Ads ❤️ #seo #content #marketing

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