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All you need to know about Google Ads agency pricing

Are you taking full advantage of your Google Ads budget? Are you aware of how pricing looks for Google Ads if you hire an agency? Don’t miss your chance to optimize your budget with the following tips and tricks.

So, you have decided to start investing in Google Ads to promote your business and of course, -why not be honest?- increase your revenues! If you aren’t an expert, you are probably spending your time trying to understand how this works. You may get frustrated (no offense, we all have been there!) and probably having a lot of doubts and questions about how this works exactly. When you reach the limits of your patience, you will start considering other alternatives. Where should you refer to for some help? You have heard about advertising agencies, agencies with AdWords experts who are available to release you from this big stress named Google Ads. And which would be the next step? Releasing you from the above-mentioned stress, is not free probably right? Is this luxury aligned to your budget? So, you start researching Google Ads agencies’ pricing. Let’s take a look at some results of this research.

Google Ads agency pricing models

Before answering the critical question “how much the google ads management will cost me?”, you will have to be familiar with different google ads management pricing models. Let’s take a look at the most popular PPC management pricing models you will find out there.


Percentage fee calculated on Google Ads’ spend


This one is a very common pricing model for Ppc management agencies. An agency will be charging you a fixed percentage of the amount you will be spending on Google Ads campaigns that they will be managing. These agencies usually require a minimum budget you must spend on ads. Not quite optimal if you are a small company starting with a small budget.


Flat fee


Some agencies will charge you a flat fee after deeply analyzing your business. As it occurs, each PPC management pricing model has its pros and cons, so does this one. A clear advantage of a flat fee pricing model is that you know exactly how much you will be getting charged every month. No big surprises here. Additionally, you won’t be getting pushed to increase your spend on Google Ads, which is also some kind of relieving to know.




This pricing model needs some more attention because it can be tricky. You will want to make sure that the KPIs you will base the charge of the management of your campaigns on are clear, scalable and represent the actual growth of your business. Once you achieve this, you have a special advantage here. An account manager is motivated so that your business succeeds!

Want a more clear image of how much exactly each of the above-mentioned PPC management pricing models would cost you? This actually depends on many factors which are different for every business, however, we will try to make an approximate estimation.


Percentage fee calculated on Google Ads’ spend

This fee can vary from 15% up to 30% of total ad spend. However, a 20-25% is a common fee charged on the ad spend.


Flat fee

This fee can also vary a lot. Depending on how big is your business, the workload needed from the agency for managing your ads, the profit you will be making etc, the amount can vary from $300 up to $5,000.


An alternative to costly PPC agencies

If you are a small ecommerce, new to the market, then probably all options above might sound a bit over the limit. However, the need for you to use Google Ads in order to bring customers to your door still exists and has great impact. We cannot argue about that. So, are there any alternatives to expensive PPC management agencies? Well, the answer is yes!

Using a free application that could create your Google Ads campaigns sounds like a good deal right? When we created Clever Google Ads, we were thinking of small retailers and the challenges they face in order to make their business thrive in a very competitive market. The free software will inspect your website’s products and categories and will create a bunch of campaigns based on that. Later, an account manager will be reviewing all campaigns created automatically in order to confirm that they are good to go!

If you wish for some attendance, customization and optimization and you are willing to invest a bit more, upgrade to one of our premium plans. It will be way cheaper than hiring an agency, and in addition, you will be reaching a higher efficiency thanks to our personal account manager that will be planning Google Ads campaigns with you for  $49 per month.

Quite appealing right?



We surely understand that as a small ecommerce owner every cent spent matters to you. So it’s very important to examine all market options available before you hire someone to manage your campaigns. The market is very competitive and it’s very easy to get lost in search results on the network. Make sure you hire the best option that will bring the best ROI for your business.

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