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Discover the main Prestashop free themes for your online store


Choosing the best theme can be a really hard because it is the visible face of your store and it can affect conversions, bounce rate and session duration both positively and negatively. That’s why you have to choose carefully. Check these Prestashop free themes!

You should know that most of the times the best themes will be the ones you have to pay for, but there are a lot of free themes that are well built and professional looking that will help you save your budget. Let’s see the best free themes for your Prestashop store:


OT Jewelry


free prestashop themes


If you are selling jewelry, OT Jewelry is the perfect theme for you! It has a clean design that will make your jewelry look professional. 100% tableless CSS with changeable width of theme and theme column layout. Check out the live demo here and download it here!


Book Hangover


free prestashop themes


Book Hangover theme is the best option if you are selling books for sure! It has good design and customization options that you can use, even for fashion stores, sport stores, etc. It is easy to install, configure and it is very responsive. Could we get more for less? Check out the live demo here and download it here!


Game Gear


free prestashop themes


Is your store focused on gaming products? Then Game Gear is the perfect theme for your store. Game Gear has 3 colors to choose from (Blue, Black and Orange). It’s responsive and supports both CSS3 and HTML5. Check out the live demo here and download it here!




free prestashop themes


Malibu is great theme for fashion, jewelry, flower and accessory stores. What we like more of this theme is the large image slider that can be used to make your best products much more attractive, or even make a special promotion stand out. Check out the live demo here and download it here!

Black and White Theme


free prestashop themes


This is definitely one of our favorite themes. We love how the design makes the site look clean and professional. With this theme you will be able to display different promotions easily. Also, you will have the option to display product categories with nice, catchy images. The theme is definitely recommended! Check out the live demo here!




free prestashop themes


If your store is selling make up products, then Beauty is the best theme for you, without any doubt. Simple and effective, it contains 2 main colors that will focus the attention of your customer on the products you are offering. What we like about this theme the most is the inclusion of a map to encourage the customer to visit your physical store. This theme comes with a parallax effect. Check out the live demo here and download it here!





free prestashop themes


Clothes theme, as its names states, is a perfect free theme for a fashion/clothing store.  It has a big slider where you can put the best products in your shop, or even special promotions. We love the way product categories can be displayed in boxes with nice pictures. This theme is so nice and clean,  we totally recommended! Check out the live demo here and download it here!


Be Flora


free prestashop themes


Be Flora is the best free theme if you are selling flowers. It comes with TM Mega Layout Module that lets you to modify the homepage quickly and easily. It also has a responsive design, HTML5, CSS3 and some parallax effect. Really beautiful theme and totally recommended. Check out the live demo here and download it here!


Leo Trump


free prestashop themes


This is one of our favorite themes! (Maybe it is because of the delicious pictures of food). If you are building a food store and you don’t want to spend money additional money on themes, then you should download the Trump theme. This theme is responsive, supports CSS3, HTML5 and RTL language layouts. Also, it has animation, owl carousel and swipe that will give your site a smooth sense. There is a free version of this theme that may come with features limitation. Check out the live demo here and download it here!


As you can see, there are a lot of options for those that don’t want to spend money on new themes for their store. All the themes that we have mentioned above have the highest quality, and we promise that they won’t disappoint you. Just take your time and choose your store’s style carefully. In addition, we highly recommend that you test each theme before installing and personalizing your store with it, just to see if the theme style fits well with the products you are selling.

Don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts and leave us a comment if you think we missed any themes that should be included in this list! And, if u want to know more about Prestashop customization, don´t miss this post.

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