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If you own a Fashion ecommerce, this infographic may interest You!

As You know, june is just around the corner and people are preparing to renew their wardrobe for cooler clothes: dresses, skirts, flip flops, hats … It smells hot and new! If you have a fashion ecommerce… this is interesting for you!

So now is the time to kick off your Seasonal Marketing campaigns for this special ocassion!

So here You have several data important to know today, in order to know how to do the best marketing strategy these weeks.

We love infographics!

How is it going to be for clothing ecommerce in the rest of 2021?


  • Expected revenue rising in the ecommerce fashion industry
  • 2019 opportunities
  • What customers have more buying power
  • Wich one are going to be the biggest threats
  • Top ten shopping online products
  • Trends and strategies for the clothing ecommerce industry

fashion ecommerce data


And for the rest of the year, don’t forget that we have talked already about  5 seasonal ecommerce marketing campaigns you need to do in 2021 and download right now and for free the best  retail calendar for your business, don’t miss any important date!

Do you want to know more clothing ecommerce data? You will find some interesting data at the National Retal Federation.






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