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eCommerce Advertising Guide – Tips & Tricks for your Online Store Marketing!

According to the OECD, there has been a huge shift in demand from brick-and-mortar retail to ecommerce in 2020. More people want access to products and services from the convenience of their own homes. The move to ecommerce has fueled increasing competition among online retailers, and the fight to win and retain new customers has become more important than ever. Keep reading this ecommerce advertising post!

If you’re new to ecommerce advertising and don’t know where to start, or if you’ve been in the game for a while and want to improve on your strategy, these tips will help you make your store future-proof.

1- Prioritize the mobile experience📱

Mobile is the future of online shopping. Google CEO Eric Schmidt even talked about making mobile-first the center of their product design as far back as 2010. According to Statista, more than 50% of ecommerce is expected to be generated through mobile purchases in 2021. To add to this, the general number of mobile purchases is forecasted to increase in the next few years. This just emphasizes the importance of ecommerce business owners to adapt to this strategy. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to create an app for your store right away. You can start by making sure to base your website around responsive design so it’s optimized to work well on any device, but prioritizing the mobile experience first. Considering how your site will look and function on different devices ensures a quick and smooth experience for your customers whenever they are browsing your products and you don’t lose them on the way to checkout. 

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2- Explore other channels 🔀

One huge thing that sets successful ecommerce stores apart is having an immersive experience across different channels. This brings a challenge to new ecommerce businesses as they will have to keep up with big companies, which is why it’s highly recommended to start building your channels from day one.

I’ve already mentioned making your store responsive to different devices, but don’t stop there! Make your presence known on social media, share quality content, and build a connection with your customers. If you can, also consider putting your products in an online marketplace or maybe even a brick-and-mortar store (if you don’t have one yet). It’s important to reach out to your customers wherever they are across multiple channels not just to make their experience seamless, but also to make sure your store remains resilient during difficult times.


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3- Make it easy for potential customers to find you 🔍

People who are actively searching for your products on the internet are more likely to convert, so it’s imperative to meet them at the right place at the right time.

Advertising on Google Ads has been deemed essential by a lot of online businesses as it’s a great way to extend reach across Google’s networks. There are several campaign types to choose from, but you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. One type worth mentioning is the Shopping campaign as it’s made specifically with ecommerce in mind, so it’s a good one to start with. Setting up quality ecommerce ads can be quite a complicated task for new advertisers, but luckily there are ways to automate this process. If you have conversion tracking properly set up, you also get a lot of customer insights. Google will also use this data to better optimize your campaigns to meet your marketing goals. 


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4- Work on the landing page experience 👍

A user just accessed a page on your site from a link or ad, but the landing page isn’t what they were expecting to find. This will cause them to leave your website and go back to their search, losing you a potential customer. There can be many reasons for this to happen, but here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Page speed – users tend to leave a page early if it’s taking too long to load, so make sure your website is working well at all times.
  • User friendly and responsive design – as mentioned previously on this blog, try to make the user experience smooth and easy across different devices.
  • A finished website with transparent and trustworthy information – a user most likely won’t stay long if they see a bunch of red flags on your website that tells them not to trust it. Make sure your website is finished and you have all the essential information (shipping & returns policy, privacy policy, contact details) before you start selling. You want them to feel confident buying from your store.  
  • Relevant/useful product information consistent with your ad/customer’s query – when a user clicks on your ad or a link that sends them to a page on your website, make sure that the landing page’s product information matches what they clicked in order to lower the bounce rate and close the sale. 

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5- Retargeting is key 🔁

As much as you’d like all users who visit your website to buy, it’s likely that a lot of them aren’t ready to make a purchase yet. This is why remarketing or retargeting is an essential ecommerce strategy for online businesses. It is said that retargeting ads make it 70% more likely to increase your conversion rate. You can target users who have visited your site in general, but you can also target users who visited a specific page or made specific actions on your site. Retargeting is so important because it can help you win back undecided customers who left your site without converting or maybe even encourage converted customers to come back, as they are more likely to convert again. You can retarget users with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email lists, and more. 


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Nikki is a Junior Account Manager at Clever eCommerce. Born and raised in the Philippines :palmera:, she is currently based in Madrid, Spain. Aside from her love of marketing and advertising, she is also a huge fan of TV, film, and NYT Cooking. She’s also a plant mom, so feel free to ask her about plant care and tips!

  1. All the above tips should be followed. I think that analysis and cross-channel marketing are some of the essential keys to achieve higher ROI. Every advertising campaign needs to be constantly tweaked.

  2. A must-read article for every eCommerce business owner who wants to increase their sales by effective marketing strategy. I have benefited a lot in my several own marketing campaigns from the given tips in this article. Especially by the idea of retargeting ads. It’s a real change-maker. Thanks to Nikki for sharing this awesome content with us.

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