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Benefits of Dynamic Remarketing


Dynamic Remarketing vs Traditional Remarketing

There is a main difference between these 2 types of remarketing campaigns. While traditional remarketing targets your past visitors with static ads, dynamic remarketing goes a step further. It creates ads and show them to the past visitors based on their previous interactions with your website.

For instance, imagine that you own a clothing store and someone has been looking at your shoes collection; dynamic remarketing will automatically create a banner with the product they have been observing along with other similar products.




Dynamic remarketing is the best option for optimizing your campaigns and here is why:

  • Higher CTR (Click-Through Rate): while you are showing collections of products that the customer was interested in, you have higher chances of bringing them back to your store.
  • Higher conversion rate: showing personalized ads for each customer increases the conversion rate of your ads.
  • Helps you optimize your marketing budget: dynamic remarketing lets you bring back customers with a higher possibility to convert. Therefore, you can make sure that the clicks are really relevant.
  • Helps you build customer loyalty: when you target a customer with similar products compared to those previously bought from your store, you are keeping your brand in their mind.

It’s really important to perform remarketing campaigns having previous knowledge and experience. You should be careful as you could commit mistakes that could kill your remarketing campaigns. For that reason, don’t risk your money & let us take care of it!

If you want to take your campaigns to the next level using dynamic remarketing, you can download our app. Let us optimize your campaigns for you!

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