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Coronavirus & Marketing: how will it affect the ecommerce industry?

Unfortunately it seems that the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has come to stay longer than anticipated. Due to the fact that we are immersed in a crisis at all levels and industries, we at Clever ecommerce would like to give a reflection on this predicament. More specifically, we want to take a look at what the consequences of this virus bears for the ecommerce industry. 

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The first week…

From what we have seen in the various countries most affected by the virus (China, Italy, Spain, etc.), online businesses experienced a rise in sales, especially in large supermarkets such as Mercadona or Carrefour. However, retailers are afraid that although this may have led to an increase in sales, the situation will be reversed if it lengthens. We have seen many of these businesses running out of stock during the second week, making it so they only sell their product physically. For example, the two aforementioned supermarkets closed their online businesses a couple of weeks after the crisis began.

Other businesses: clothing, home, pets, entertainment…

Many of these industries will experience an opposite trend. In the first week of the crisis they experienced a drop in their sales with people focusing on obtaining basic supplies and services, and after a few days physical businesses started closing. As a result, people will have no other alternative than buying online.

How has this affected online searches?

We cannot speak in absolutes for this because it will majorly depend on the sector to which the ecommerce belongs. Many expendable sales may be deferring, and yet goods like face-masks, medications or vitamins have skyrocketed.

At the end of the day, it seems that people’s fear of contagion is lessened when ordering online opposed to shopping in person. 

An actual case in Spain would be ComeFruta, a fruit ecommerce that has obtained very insightful data in recent weeks. New buyers on their site have grown by more than 100% compared to the same period from the previous year, when the average was around 20% yearly growth.

What should be considered now?

Update and secure your stock

With the massive trend of online purchases, be sure to have your website updated and well-stocked with the products and needs of your target audience.

Check, update and control your investment in paid traffic

You have to be very aware of your campaigns. Run some tests and strengthen what you think your customers may want at this time. Don’t stop investing in Google Ads campaigns, but don’t go overboard with it either. Here is a Google Ads promo discount to confront the rising investment in the coming weeks.

Update your keyword research

For this time period you have to conduct well thought out research for the keywords in which you will promote your campaigns. They will most likely not be the same as a month ago or two weeks from now. Hard work and investment in SEO is coming, click here for free help with your keyword research.

We also wanted to leave you with a helpful infographic about what to do with all that extra time in self-isolation. It certainly isn’t an easy time, but we will get through it and become stronger people when it’s said and done. 

coronavirus marketing infographic


Lucia Rodriguez


Luci studied journalism, but soon realized that what she truly loves is writing content and SEO. Cat mom and burger lover, Luci is the SEO and Content Manager at Clever ecommerce and Clever Ads ❤️ #seo #content #marketing

  1. Hello Luci,
    Very Helpful Post!
    Coronavirus has affected business very badly across the globe. Yes, there is increased sales for supermarket, pharmaceutical and other essential goods business. But remaining businesses are facing huge problems.
    As you suggested it is the right time to focus and update keyword research and Google Ads Campaign.
    And yes infographic is very helpful to deal with this difficult time.
    Thanks & Best Wishes to you!

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