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The Ecommerce Marketing Strategy Calendar

If you are an ecommerce owner, sure you have an ecommerce marketing strategy… rithg?

But… Do you take in count the seasonal marketing to do this ecommerce marketing strategy?

Keep reading and you will find some of the most important events for ecommerce owners and entrepreneurs.

ecommerce calendar


Dates e-commerce would boost sales.

Being in the ecommerce business allows companies to cross international barriers to sell products and services all over the world. Location is becoming less relevant as we continue to move towards a global economy. It is imperative for e-commerce stores to pay attention to international holidays, celebrations and dates famous for promoting sales. These days are important to offer special promotions and offers. Yesterday, for example, was the Fourth of July, the day Americans celebrate their independence. When located in other countries, it can be easy to overlook holidays such as this that would provide opportunity for exposure and sale promotions.

In order to take advantage of these dates, the Clever e-commerce team has created an international ecommerce calendar that we would like to share with our followers. Every month provides the opportunity to adjust marketing strategies needed to boost sales. At the beginning of each month, we will provide a new blog post dedicated to international holidays coming up and marketing ideas to keep you ahead of your peers. So, stay tuned!

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And we have created something really interesting for you, this Retail Calendar!

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