Clever installation process

Are you stuck on the Clever ecommerce’ installation process?


No problem. Throughout this short post and video, we will provide you with all of the necessary tools to guide you all the way to the next steps of the Clever ecommerce installation process. From here, you will be on your way to enhancing your advertising campaigns and watching your clicks turn into conversions.

Let’s get started!

At the video, our colleague Hope, from the Clever ecommerce team will guide you through steps 3 and 4 of the installation process by helping you establish what text and images will be shown on your ads by pinpointing the aspects that make your products attractive for consumers.

Let´s begin with step 3…

First, we require you to clearly describe your store in 80 characters. Tell us about your business and what your offer. After that you will have to make that description more concise and write it in just 30 characters.

Make sure you highlight what makes your store unique because we are going to use these descriptions on your ads. Show us why customers should choose your company over your competitors!

Lastly, you have to input your Logo URL . We require this information so that your campaign can look as professional as possible.  (appears the process of adding a URL to a box and a logo appearing, added logo flies to the sample ad)

Let´s continue to step 4…

First, write two “ad tips” that are 29 characters each. Use this like another opportunity to showcase what makes your product unique. You can see default suggestions but we recommend you make modifications in order to best reflect the individuality of your store as these descriptions might also appear on your ads.

Next, you will be asked to select any promotional services you may offer. Choose the ones that you provide to your customers in order to make your campaigns more attractive and fun!  If none of the ones provided apply to your company, you can simply move on. We do not recommend that you select services that you do not currently provide or your visitors may be disappointed and leave your store without making any purchases… And we don’t want this!

Lastly, we give you the option to input your phone number if you would like it to be included on your campaigns. If you don’t want your phone number to appear on your ads you can just omit this part.  Now your ads are configured and ready to be automatically generated by the Clever App.

Easy peasy!

Easy, right? If this has been helpful to you, share this content at your Social Media channels. If you still have questions, feel free to leave your concerns in the comments section below!

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That´s it!

Now go to your Clever ecommerce app to complete the installation. Don’t waste another minute and start bringing potential customers to your store!

Lucia Rodriguez


Luci studied journalism, but soon realized that what she truly loves is writing content and SEO. Cat mom and burger lover, Luci is the SEO and Content Manager at Clever ecommerce and Clever Ads ❤️ #seo #content #marketing

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