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Christmas Marketing: – Are You Prepared?

We are finally reaching the end of 2020 – quite the atypical year. After everything that happened this year, it seems like it took a little longer to come to an end, right? Read this Christmas Marketing article!

As sales have been stalling throughout the year in every country due to confinement or travel restrictions – there’s nothing better than planning what is the best sales period of the entire year – the holidays!

As you know, this year there will be an increase in online sales. So if you own an online store, you should be trying out every single option possible. 

We recommend that you start planning your Christmas campaigns as soon as possible to get the most out of this holiday.

Christmas Marketing Tips and Ideas

Decorate Your Online Store

There’s nothing like starting to decorate your online store and social networks to get them ready for future campaigns and above all, get them more appealing. Get into the Christmas spirit and take advantage of this season to show all your promotions!

Tip: Try to start by placing your logo with a holiday-related element on your social networks and prepping new banners.

Create Product Gift Bundles

All customers like a good offer! Try creating product packages with a discounted/“slashed” price when buying the set than if the customer bought them separately. This is a good way to boost sales! This way you get customers to buy more than what they originally planned for. 

For example: If you sell computers, how about creating a pack offering a laptop and a wireless mouse? Or how about offering the two products together at a lower price than if they were purchased separately? Another way is to combine your best sellers: check your statistics and discover your 2-5 best-selling products and put them in just one pack.

If you still don’t know how to offer bundles in your store, here are some plugins / apps for the main ecommerce platforms:

  • Shopify: Product Bundles by Bold, Bundle Products by Thimatic
  • WooCommerce: WooCommerce Product Bundles
  • PrestaShop: Bundle Product | Pack Products Module or manually
  • BigCommerce: Built-in (Go to Products ›Product Options to get started)

Offer Free Shipping

If you want to be competitive, you have to offer free shipping on your online store – it is something that customers already expect. Fast and free shipping, especially for the holidays!

Create Seasonal Google Ads Campaigns

Try to get creative with your Google Ads campaigns during the holidays!

Especially this year, it shows all the campaigns that your store is doing for this special season and adds a sense of urgency to your copy in order to encourage your customer to buy.

Here are some tips for your Google Ads campaigns:

1- Before putting your campaigns to work, first search for keywords related to the holiday season to check which ones have the best results for your brand.

2- Use a copy associated with the holiday season: Include words and phrases such as “gifts” or “Christmas gifts”.

3- Highlight your special offers in your campaigns

4- Creates a sense of urgency with limited time campaigns. For example, “Get a 30% discount if you order by November 30th” or “Order before it’s finished!”

Promote a post on Instagram

On Instagram people have already started publishing photos of their houses decorated with Christmas decorations! Try a publication with a stellar offer, write the copy with a focus on urgency and promote this post! You will not regret it!

Get Seasonal in Email

E-mail is essential to keep your customers informed of all the campaigns you will be carrying out during this special season! You can choose to create an email for your current customers and an email with a view to reaching new customers.

In the email subject lines write something appealing and related to the time, for example, “ho-ho-ho hope you enjoy your gift (Unwrap this)” or something that gives a sense of urgency like “20% off all ugly sweaters, don’t miss it!,” so that the customer from among the hundreds of emails he receives each day, is more willing to open the email and buy gifts from you.

Get Creative with Video

Try creating a Christmas video that’s themed for the season and involves your products in it. You can also create a video wishing your customer happy holidays and send it via email (you should start by thanking the person’s name in order to make the email more personal) and also publish the same on the social networks. Another idea is to create a video showing your best gift suggestions for this Christmas, for example, “10 Christmas gifts for less than $20”.

Be creative and make way for your ideas!

Build Customer Loyalty with Personalized Gifts

For customers who bought more in your store during the year or for all those who buy in your store during this Christmas season, try giving a little extra with your purchase or create a personalized card to thank the support and preference, especially amid the pandemic that proved very difficult for most businesses. Express your thanks, put the person’s name and sign preferably by hand. These small acts of kindness have a great impact because in addition to the customer realizing that the store owner recognizes the help that the customer is giving him/her when buying in his store, they help strengthen the relationship with the customer; thus, transforming him/her into a happy customer and fan of your brand.

Create Christmas wish lists

Create lists of gift ideas on your landing page. Group gifts by categories so when the customer is looking for a gift on your website for the friend who loves dogs, for example, he or she won’t have to search up and down the website for pet products – allowing you to quickly find what you want and purchase the product in your store. Imagine that you want to buy several gifts for your family members and that you already have a defined budget for each one, another idea that works well at this time, is to create gift lists with defined values, such as: “Between $5-$10”  and “Between $10-$20” allowing customers to easily browse by price point.

Offer Gift Cards

Gift cards are excellent gifts! If the customer is not sure what to buy for a friend or family member, at least the recipient can choose for him or herself. Better than losing a customer due to uncertainty, it is better to have a gift card available!

Here’s an example of how gift cards from Shopify:


shopstorm giftcard christmas marketing


Run A Post-Christmas Sale

Keep in mind that when the holiday season is over, it doesn’t mean that customers are done looking for good offers! This is usually the time when people start looking for good offers in order to purchase gifts for themselves.

Bet on your Post-Christmas campaigns and get more sales by the end of the year!

Tip: If you are going to bet on sending emails, how about sending an email with an appealing subject line, for example: ”Santa didn’t get you what you wanted? That’s OK – here’s one last deal so you can buy it for yourself!”


As you can see, there’s a lot of useful marketing strategies that you can use to promote your store during this Christmas season and increase your sales!

Do you use any other strategies? 

Tell us in the comment section below!


Author Filipa Neves

Filipa Neves

Filipa is our Graphic Designer & Digital Content Creator. She’s currently a marketing student and holds a degree in graphic design. Filipa loves animals, traveling, social media and defines herself as a digital and design enthusiast. #design #creativity #ecommercedesign

  1. Hey Filipa, I really appreciate your efforts to craft this valuable content. It’s like Christmas gift for marketers. Thank you for your guide it will make my marketing strategies easy to implement for Christmas.

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