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Christmas Marketing: are you prepared?

After checking our retail calendar, we realized that Christmas is around the corner and as every year, it’s a great period to increase the sales of your online store. We strongly recommend you to prepare your marketing actions for Christmas as soon as possible so that you can get the maximum benefit from this festivity.

But why Christmas is that important? Let’s see some previous years Christmas’ data:

christmas marketing


Did these statistics convince you already? If that’s the case keep reading, we will show you some of the best Christmas marketing ideas for your shop.

Christmas Marketing Ideas

Christmas is the perfect moment to be creative! During this period of the year, people tend to share the funny, interesting, happy, emotional… ads that they find through their social media. The more creative you are, the more impact and free traffic you will generate with your ads. If you want some inspiration, you came to the right post! Let us show you some of the best creative christmas marketing ideas:


Decorate your ecommerce…

…with a christmas theme, maybe adding some pop ups wishing merry christmas and special promotions.

hello holidays

Make some inspirational Christmas post

Tell people how you feel or what do you like most of Christmas. If you make yourself look close to the customers, they will be more likely to buy anything from you.

Social Media rules

Use your business social media to interact with the users, wishing them merry christmas and posting some Christmas themed pictures.

Customize all the communications…

…with the clients with Christmas theme. Try customizing the newsletter, email, chat…

Special promotions during Christmas

Let’s be honest, people adore promotions and discounts and if you add that on Christmas people tend to spend more money, you will get a lot of sales!

Create scarcity feeling

A complementary action to the special promotion actions could be the creation of a feeling of scarcity. “Buy this product with 25% off fast, because there are only 3 left!” 

Use Google Ads

To reach the audience that are searching for the best present for they beloved ones. When people don’t know what to buy, the will often go and ask Google about the best present. Take advantage of that moment and place the product in front of the customers! If you are already using Google Ads, don’t forget to personalize each ad to a Christmas theme.

google ads

Remarketing Campaigns

Give special importance to remarketing campaigns, it’s one of the best ways to convince a potential customer to buy from your website.


On Display campaigns, create Christmas themed banners.


Segmented email marketing actions. Send unique offers to your customers based on age, gender, demography…etc This way you can increase drastically your conversion rates.

Social Marketing

Doing some social marketing can help to generate good vibes between your customers. Try collaborating with an ONG and donate money with each sale. “During this Christmas period, we will donate $1 to an ONG with each sale”

Christmas Giveaways

Maybe special Christmas giveaways contest. “Special Christmas contest, tell us why you love Christmas and tag a friend, the winner and his friend will get a special reward!”

Christmas Card

Include a small Christmas card when shipping a product to your customer.

Christmas Video

Create an awesome and funny Christmas themed video.

Free shipping?

Considerer adding free shipping during the Christmas period.

Offer gifts?

Considerer offering a little gift with each purchase.

If you want additional ideas for promoting your store on Christmas, be sure to check this post.

As you can see, there are a lot of creative ideas that you can use during the Christmas period to increase your brand awareness and generate extra conversions. The most important point is to get creative.

These are some of the Christmas marketing idea that we can give you, do you know more creative ideas and strategies that can be applied? If so, leave us a comment below!



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