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5 Tips to Make your Christmas Ads Campaigns the Best!

The holiday season is here and we’d like to be your helping elves this Christmas season by giving you a few pointers. Boost your Christmas Ads!

Santa’s list has descriptions next to every gift

Did you know that over 60% of consumers do research before clicking the “Buy Now” button? According to Think with Google data consumers are a bit more pickier than usual during the holiday rush – and for good reason. The first change you can make to your Christmas Ads campaigns is adding a bit more product-related information. You might want to consider adding product information including the functions your product is capable of that may not be that obvious.

Let’s see an example. If an aunt is looking up record players for her hipster nephew, tell her what your brand’s record player is able to do. Does it just play records? Or does it allow for input via AUX or Bluetooth?

“New Record Players 20% Off” may work for a Text ad anytime of the year, but in Christmas Ads, “Record Players with Bluetooth Input” may work better.

Remember, you should definitely look up the keywords that you want to bid on. Your competition should be your best friend when it comes to looking up keywords. Without them, you may find yourself lost among so many ads.

Clever Tip: Items listed on Amazon that have already sold out and won’t be available until after the holidays are a great target. What words are in their descriptions? Use them as your guide!

Sales don’t just stop after December 25

So, Santa’s sleigh may have a delay – but hey, you made the Nice List. In all seriousness, don’t treat December 25 as a deadline because there are some procrastinators and undecided  gift-buyers out there. In fact, 86% of gift-related searches are found via Search ads according to Google Data.

Prioritize Search ads the week of Christmas Day and 1-2 weeks after depending on what kind of product and/or service you offer. 

So you can better prioritize your business on Google this holiday season, here’s a little last minute gift for you:

Install Clever ecommerce for BigCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, or WooCommerce

Clever ecommerce stands true to its commitment to other smaller businesses, so we’ve stuck to the four main platforms that online business owners house their storefront. Helping nearl

y 100,000 ecommerce owners has allowed our brand to get an up close and personal look at what customers really need when they plan to compete with large retailers on Google. Learn more about our software and offerings here – as a Premier Google Partner, rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Christmas Ads creation for your campaigns

When creating an ad, it’s important to remember your brand’s voice and company related colors and wording – green and red are the way to go this time of year! If these colors clash, try blue or white.

Creating perfect Christmas Ads has never been easier. Let’s take a deeper look at how you can do this with Clever ecommerce’s advanced technology. 

You enter your URL, we scan

Yes – it’s that simple! We then analyze your website to get the best overview and help you with the information that sticks out from your site.

You upload your logo, we categorize

During the Clever ecommerce setup process, you’ll be asked to upload your logo – and the rest of the work we do for you! Once we have your logo, we then categorize your products. What does this mean exactly? We can create ad groups for you based on the types of products for sale across your website. Wondering how this works? Let’s assume you have a line of clothes and you sell branded garments: shirts, socks, and scarves, for example. Those three types of products would serve to create an ad group while each product within those categories is assigned a specific keyword. Unfortunately this is not as short and sweet as it sounds in practice, creating countless hours of work. Luckily though, Clever ecommerce can complete this process for you in a timely fashion – which in this case means we can (hopefully) save your Christmas marketing.

Clever Tip: Get festive with your logo. Include a candy cane or an elf to draw more attention to your company. Setting the mood is key!

You write product descriptions, we make banners 

For every item or service you’d like to highlight in a campaign, you’ll need to type up a quick description to be used in your campaigns which is also done during the Clever ecommerce setup process. Afterwards we’ll create banners for your ads with your company colors, logo, and the product descriptions you’ve provided. Banners can be personalized for Christmas Ads, too!

Christmas Ads campaigns should be a reason for the season

Your Christmas Ads campaigns should create some kind of following, meaning you should try to build rapport between new customers and your store since about 30% of consumers shop with companies that they’ve never shopped with before. This a great time of year to make them feel like they’re part of your brand’s niche and/or community. Some Christmas marketing ideas include having customers tag your brand on social media when they get their item(s) delivered or show the season’s spirit by posing next to the Christmas tree when opening presents.

Your social media and landing pages should be full of holiday fun. How about asking customers to type up a letter to Santa in a certain amount of characters in a Tweet? Or how about creating some kind of countdown to December 25 with special offers on certain days and on others highlighting hot items on your website? If you’re in good spirits, your customers will be too.

Clever Tip: You should try adding some kind of holiday-related action on your landing page(s) to capture those clicking on your site for the first time when coming directly from a Google search.

Interactive Instagram Stories for End-of-Year Fun

Get super creative and blend New Year’s into your Christmas ads campaigns so you can keep potential customers engaged for your upcoming deals and brand updates.

Perhaps you have a big blowout sale after the holidays that you want to foreshadow or maybe there’s a new product in the works that you want to create hype for – either way, the goal is to keep customers engaged and happy with your brand.

Clever Tip: Don’t just post stories just “because.” Christmas ideas for retail: There should be something in it for the customer… whether that’s a free T-shirt or 15% their next purchase. If they get nothing in return, customers will quickly find your brand not worth following on social media.

Happy Holidays!

We hope these quick and easy tips will help you get through the rest of the year and we’d like to thank you for checking back on the Clever ecommerce blog. Until next time, enjoy your digital winter wonderland!


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Isaiah Voss is an Account Manager at Clever ecommerce and quickly types away behind his computer screen while sipping on coffee. A bit of a nerd when it comes to analyzing data, he ensures that readers receive the most current and relevant content. Je enjoys engaging with readers' questions to further explore their inquiries. 🤙

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