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The best Black Friday Sales ideas

Save the date! Black Friday 2019 is Friday, November 29th. You don’t only need to save the date but also start preparing your ecommerce for it Black Friday Sales are the most important of november. It’s one of the busiest days of the year and if you want to take the maximum advantage out of it, you should plan ahead. Check also this retail calendar we created for retailers to avoid missing an important date.

Black Friday sales data

It’s a fact that 2018 traffic on physical stores fell as much as 9% over 2017. (source: BigCommerce) More and more buyers choose not to leave the warmth and comfort of their houses on Black Friday for shopping the best deals on the market. Big brands started realizing this switch, and they have been putting all their best deals on their website. For an ecommerce owner, this means more competition for his business. No need to stress! A well-planned strategy and a few tips from our side will help you stand out from your competitors and hopefully increase your sales during this holiday season.

Adobe Systems estimated that online sales on Black Friday in 2018 were 26% higher than the previous year. The predictions for 2019 are quite promising as well, as online sales are expected to rise 25% since last year. ($12.3 billion). 61% of the shoppers surveyed, will do most of their holiday shopping online. (source: Adobe Analytics)

Black Friday ecommerce tips

Check your website’s speed

Would you go to war without being well-armed? Well, it’s almost the same case here. Take a look at this page speed statistics that will definitely convince you about the importance of your site’s loading time.

black friday sales


Start promoting your Black Friday sales early


Imagine the inbox of online buyers! Imagine how crowded it will be as holidays are approaching. You have to keep that in mind when you plan your promotional email marketing. Start early and offer good deals in order for your brand to stay on the top of the mind of the buyers. We would recommend starting your email campaigns up to 2-3 weeks before Black Friday. An extra tip: be open about the sales and deals your website will be offering during holidays. This way, you will be standing among the rest of retailers which are not clear about their deals and you help buyers get out of the indecisiveness.


Personalization is the key


89% of U.S. marketers reported that personalization on their websites resulted in an increase in revenue. (Source: Think with Google). Wow! Personalization is truly the key as it seems! Here are the three things that consumers expect from brands:

Make sure your email marketing is not massive. Divide your target audience into different customer groups and create personalized messages. 63% of customers expect brands to use their purchase history data in order to provide them with tailored experiences (source: Think with Google). Another tactic that you could use in order to offer a more personalized experience to your visitor is recommendations on your product pages.


And what about PPC?


It goes without saying that you will need to invest some extra time and money on your PPC campaigns around this time of the year. Make sure you check the performance of last year and try to take out of it useful conclusions. Do a keyword research about what people are mostly searching for and add them to your ad groups. Use remarketing campaigns in order to bring back to your store, past visitors by making sure they haven’t forgotten about your brand/products. And last but not least, increase your budget significantly. You won’t want your campaigns to run out of budget and stop appearing when people are mostly searching for your products.


The holiday season is the best opportunity for your business to earn new loyal customers and also bring back past ones. By planning ahead your strategy you will be taking advantage of this huge opportunity and hopefully seeing your sales increasing significantly! 

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